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17 Best Productivity Podcasts

As a manager constantly looking to elevate and bolster your team, you’ll love these 17 productivity podcasts you can listen to while in the car or on a run.

By Fellow.app  •   October 1, 2021  •   7 min read

Do you remember back when your library card was your prime ticket to new information? Well now, you can learn about whatever you want right from home in all kinds of ways, including podcasts. Without turning pages or scrolling on a screen, you’re learning a ton. What a dream! And as a manager constantly looking to elevate and bolster your team, you’ll love productivity podcasts you can listen to while in the car or on a run. 

We’ve compiled a list of productivity podcasts to help you get motivated and stay on track. Check these out for great advice that can help you tackle your daily tasks and work toward your goals for your team.

17 best productivity podcasts

1 Getting Things Done

The Getting Things Done podcast is hosted by David Allen, the creator of the Getting Things Done (GTD) method of productivity. Allen brings all kinds of fascinating guests onto the show to discuss how they use the GTD method. With more than 100 episodes, this podcast is an easy listen that can help you with productivity. And that’s an effect you might feel not just in the office, but in your personal life too.

2 The Accidental Creative

Let’s say your workplace isn’t exactly sparking your creative side. If your imagination isn’t helping with your productivity, then The Accidental Creative might come to the rescue. 

This weekly podcast, which typically lasts no more than 30 minutes, gives listeners quick yet powerful tips from leading voices in several creative industries. Listeners have downloaded The Accidental Creative more than 10 million total times since 2005, and that’s for a reason. From ways to spark creativity to marketing strategies, The Accidental Creative’s topic list has a bit of something for everyone.

3 The Tim Ferriss Show 

With more than 700 million downloads, The Tim Ferriss Show often ranks No. 1 among business podcasts on Apple podcasts. Its episodes have featured big-name guests ranging from Hugh Jackman to Dr. Jane Goodall and LeBron James. Host Tim Ferriss invites his guests to talk about their productive mindsets and habits and how listeners can adapt these tactics to their own lives.

4 The Productivityist Podcast

As host Mark Vardy says, this podcast is intended for “productivity enthusiasts.” The Productivityist Podcast (try saying that five times fast!) is a weekly show designed to help you make the most of your workdays. A new episode is released every Wednesday, but there are more than 200 episodes to hold you over between each week. Recent episodes have featured discussions on reading, “life profitability,” and more.

5 Supermanagers

On Supermanagers, a podcast by Fellow, experts in a wide variety of fields share their best tips for managers who want to reach maximum productivity. You’ll receive advice from leaders of top companies, including Shopify, Zoom, Microsoft, and Mastercard.

Supermanagers episodes have covered several topics, including how to lead under pressure, give productive feedback, encourage innovation, and more. And the app behind Supermanagers is a great tool for manager productivity as well.

6 Back to Work

You’ll almost forget you’re learning something during Back to Work’s seriously casual, funny episodes. Back to Work hosts Merlin Mann and Dan Benjamin love a good chat about all things productivity: Communication, goal-setting, challenges…the list goes on. No matter the topic, Mann, Benjamin, and their guests mix in with real-life examples and humor. To give you an idea of the podcast’s irreverent tone, here’s a recent episode title: “The Results of This Dog.”

7 Beyond the To-Do List

On the Beyond the To-Do List podcast, host Erik Fisher brings in the experts to explain how you can implement strategies for increased productivity. With more than 400 episodes, this podcast offers a wealth of productivity resources. Recent episodes have discussed the relationship between well-being and productivity, strategically pausing your work, and so much more.

8 Love Your Work

Hosted by speaker and bestselling author David Kadavy, the Love Your Work podcast teaches you how to merge creativity with productivity. This biweekly podcast is designed to help you tap into areas of undiscovered creativity in your life. It’s really about more than about exposure to your own creative wellsprings. You’ll also learn to fully explore those capabilities and produce your best work. 

9 The Upgrade

One week, The Upgrade will teach you how to be happier, and the next, it’ll give you advice on how to fight burnout at work. There’s a lot of variety! And it’s all about helping you get to the next level and become a better you through self-improving productivity habits. Name a topic,  whether business-related or personal, and The Upgrade probably has covered it in its more than 300 episodes.

10 The Paul Minors Podcast

With more than 200 episodes, The Paul Minors Podcast focuses on productivity and methods to further your self-improvement. Every episode, host Paul Minors teaches listeners how to make the most of their time and money while growing successful businesses. Minors believes that one’s goal should be to be productive, not just busy. Recent episodes have included discussions of quantity vs. quality, smart habit formation, and more.

11 The Action Catalyst

If you’re looking for some inspiration and motivation, The Action Catalyst might be perfect for you. This podcast is all about helping you overcome obstacles and become the most inspired version of yourself. It’s a product of the Southwestern Family of Companies, which is one of the largest privately held companies in Tennessee. In other words, it’s put together by a group of folks who truly know the good that can come from productivity.

12 The One Thing

Over more than 300 episodes, The One Thing podcast has gone deep on the factors that lead to a productive workplace. Really, the episode titles say it all. “Why Radical Candor Fuels Productive Accountability” and “How to Thrive in a Virtual Workplace” should give you a solid idea of what you’re getting into.

The One Thing invites all manner of guests to share their expertise on starting and consistently practicing productive habits. Authors including Robert Glazer, Johnny C. Taylor, and Ramit Sethi, not to mention highly successful CEOs such as Suzy Batiz, are among the show’s guests.

13 Before Breakfast

Like a good morning cup of joe, Before Breakfast is there to help you kickstart your workday on the right foot. It offers practical advice on making the most of your time both at work and at home. And just like that morning brew, there’s a fresh serving every day. All episodes are under 10 minutes to give you quick and easy advice you can keep in mind throughout your day.

14 Eat Sleep Work Repeat

Does the titular cycle of this podcast sound exciting to you? Intimidating? Just right? No matter what, Eat Sleep Work Repeat can help you perceive work as less dreadful and more interesting. Host Bruce Daisley, the former vice president of Twitter, often invites guests who are workplace leaders and experts in psychology and neuroscience. They typically share important research and science-backed advice on ways listeners can improve their outlook on work.

15 The Startup Chat

The Startup Chat brings you practical and actionable tips on how to grow your startup and excel in every area of business. The podcast is hosted by entrepreneurs Hiten Shah and Steli Efti. You can expect to spend about 10 to 15 minutes absorbing the info packed into each episode, but don’t worry about flying through this series. The Startup Chat has well over 500 episodes and releases new ones every Tuesday and Friday.

16 Achieve Your Goals with Hal Elrod

Achieve Your Goals with Hal Elrod is, as its name suggests, all about making your goals and dreams realities. This weekly podcast is packed with practical advice and strategies to motivate you and provide actionable paths toward success. Elrod, a popular author and international speaker, has created a highly informative platform for interviewing guests about their successes, failures, and all the lessons in between.

17 The 5 AM Miracle

Jeff Sanders, host of The 5 AM Miracle, understands the struggle of waking up at sunrise. But his podcast presents its listeners with the benefits of getting a headstart on the day. His goal with The 5 AM Miracle is to “help you bounce out of bed with enthusiasm.” 

The 5 AM Miracle has been downloaded more than 10 million times, as team leaders of all stripes seem to love the extra boost of motivation. Recent topics include developing healthy habits, the possibility of a four-day workweek, and so much more.

A productive way to success

With these productivity podcasts, learning how to maximize your days has never been easier or more convenient. These podcasts bring industry leaders, experts, and other managers to your breakfast table, on your drive to work, or in your office as you kill time between meetings. 

Speaking of meetings, Fellow, the app behind Supermanagers, is great for managers looking to make the most of their team conversations. With resources including agenda templates, action items, feedback, and more, Fellow is a team leader’s portal right into productivity.

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