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Give and get feedback as work happens

A healthy and strong culture starts with feedback. Fellow enables your team to share real-time feedback on meetings, projects, and performance.

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How to build a culture of continuous feedback…

Give and get feedback in real-time, effortlessly

Research shows that employees who receive consistent feedback feel more fulfilled in their jobs.

Fellow makes it easy to ask for feedback about meetings and projects, and respond both on the web and through Slack.

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Pro Tip

Asking for feedback about yourself is a great way to normalize feedback and build psychological safety across your team.

Promote a culture of asking for feedback

If you want to help your team thrive, you need to create a culture where giving, receiving, and implementing feedback is part of the DNA.

With Fellow, you can incorporate feedback into your team’s day-to-day experience and track progress over time.

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Get smart suggestions and useful templates

Until you get into a rhythm of giving and getting feedback, the process may feel a bit awkward and uncomfortable.

Whether you’re asking for 360 feedback, feedback about a meeting, or something else entirely, Fellow’s pre-built templates help you create a feedback request without over-thinking the process.

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  • One of the best additions to our feedback loop has been the company-wide adoption of Fellow. It provides an amazing platform for constant conversations and direct feedback between managers and direct reports.”

    Justin Schiefner

    Director of People and Culture

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