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Collaborate on meeting agendas, assign action items, get suggested conversation topics, and exchange feedback. Fellow is the one-on-one meeting app your team will love 💛

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Fellow is the one-on-one meeting software that empowers managers and their teams to:

Collaborate on a meeting agenda before every one-on-one.

Assign clear action items and takeaways at the end of each meeting.

Centralize all action items from different meetings in one personal to-do list.

Keep track of work interactions and feedback over time.

Plan one-on-one agendas 

Create a shared one-on-one document with each direct-report and edit notes simultaneously.

Get notified about upcoming one-on-one meetings.

Collaborate on talking points before your one-on-one.

Cross out discussion points as the meeting evolves.

Use the private notes section to record your thoughts.

Power your conversations with 
Fellow's suggested templates

Wondering what to ask during your next one-on-one? Fellow suggests topics and templates to make your meetings more effective.

Use Fellow’s one-on-one templates and suggested topics 
to have more productive conversations.

Customize your own templates and save them for 
recurring one-on-one meetings.

Receive smart suggestions on what to ask your teammates.

Record action items from all your 
one-on-one meetings

Fellow centralizes all the action items from your different one-on-ones in one easy-to-read to-do list, so you're always on track.

Write clear takeaways for every meeting.

Keep track of your action items and meeting notes in one place.

Stay organized and accomplish everything you promise your fellow teammates.

Your team will thank you.

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