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Best Online Agenda Planner: 13 Alternatives

An online agenda planner can be the perfect tool to help you lay out and delegate team tasks. To make things easier, we’ve already done the research for you and picked out some great options.

By Fellow.app  •   October 1, 2021  •   8 min read

A project simply can’t be successful when the team behind it is working from scattered tasks, unclear assignments, and indirect communication. What a waste of your team’s time! But the alternative of filling out calendars and assigning tasks might seem like a lot on top of your already full plate. Well, it doesn’t have to be.

An online agenda planner can be the perfect tool to help you lay out and delegate team tasks. To make things easier, we’ve already done the research for you and picked out some great options. With the right online agenda planner in your corner, you’ll be on your way to excellent organization in no time.

What is an online agenda planner?

An online agenda planner helps you list and organize daily responsibilities, plan meetings, and delegate tasks among your team members. Online agenda planners often include charts or lists where you can record everything while giving your team real-time updates on assignments, task progress, and meetings. 

Why do you need an online agenda planner?

With technology for communication, reminders, and more, an online agenda planner can take a team’s collaboration and productivity to new levels. But if you’re still unsure about adding yet another tool to your team’s workflow, we get it. To help you decide, here are some planner benefits that just might change your mind.

  1. Top-tier organization. A digital planner gives you and your team a clear view of assigned tasks, their deadlines, and relevant meeting notes. It eliminates the need for bulky calendars and mountains of sticky notes by allowing users to quickly add events and items to their agendas. Many planners allow you to sort information into clearly labeled, color-coordinated folders and subcategories.
  2. Easy access. You probably already carry your phone with you everywhere. As online agenda planning goes, that’s not such a bad thing! Your online planner’s mobile app allows for meeting agenda changes quickly, so everyone receives the most up-to-date information as soon as possible.
  3. Team collaboration. A digital planner is a hub for team collaboration. Your team members can share updates on their task progress and communicate and share resources with their colleagues. With many agenda planner apps, you can see your team’s progress and leave comments to give them feedback along the way.
  4. Reminders. Many online agendas allow for notifications. This way, all your team members can get reminders about task deadlines and meeting times. They’ll also know right away when they’ve received comments from you or their colleagues.
  5. Coordinate. Online agenda planners cut down on lengthy, messy email threads. They can function as communication centers where your team can exchange ideas. Invite your team members to use your app to share their availability for meetings, add to meeting agendas, and give feedback on meetings and tasks.

The 13 best online agenda planner alternatives

To help kickstart your online agenda planner research, we outlined some of our best picks and the benefits each one can bring to your team.

1 Google Calendar

Google Calendar can bring all your calendars and tasks together for an organized view of everything going on at work. It allows your team members to share their calendars with you so you can view their availability for meetings. Plus, it’s part of the Google suite that comes with Gmail, so it’s a great way to seamlessly create events and send invites to your team.

  • Main benefits: 
    1. Features daily, weekly, and monthly calendar viewing options
    2. Can merge multiple calendars among team members
    3. Combines tasks and calendars
  • Free tier? Yes
  • Integrates with other apps? Yes
  • Pricing: Free

2 Trello

Trello gives teams the ability to quickly set up and visualize their workflows. It focuses on project management and can be most useful for kanban meetings because of its boards and checklists. Trello helps users work through and assess task progress, activity logs, and deadlines.

  • Main benefits: 
    1. Focuses on project management
    2. Uses boards to display workflows
    3. Tracks team progress
  • Free tier? Yes
  • Integrates with other apps? Yes
  • Pricing: Starts at $5/month

3 ClickUp

ClickUp combines calendars, project management tools, and reminders to help users view and keep track of their goals. This app also features a spreadsheet option where teams can group or sort tasks by status and deadline.

  • Main benefits: 
    1. Tracks task progress
    2. Syncs events and tasks from multiple apps
    3. Assigns tasks to specific team members
  • Free tier? Yes
  • Integrates with other apps? Yes
  • Pricing: $5/month

4 Fellow

Fellow is your go-to app for all things meetings and productivity. It connects meeting notes with your calendar events, enabling you and your team to keep track of meeting action items and notes from start to finish. You can use it to write collaborative agendas, assign tasks during meetings, exchange feedback, and so much more. Keeping up with your team’s progress has never been easier.

  • Main benefits: 
    1. Includes templates for all types of meetings
    2. Features a simple yet detailed platform for organizing tasks
    3. Encourages team collaboration with notetaking tools that can be used directly inside video conferencing apps
  • Free tier? Yes
  • Integrates with other apps? Yes

Pricing: Starts at $7 per user per month

Learn more about Fellow’s plans

Pro tip

Use Fellow as your team’s online agenda planner. Empower your team to build great meeting habits through collaborative agendas, meeting action items, and time-saving templates.

5 Todoist

The Todoist app helps facilitate task management. Users can prioritize tasks, quickly add new tasks to their schedules, and break complicated tasks into subtasks. This planner can also give users an overview of their recent productivity and visualize trends.

  • Main benefits: 
    1. Breaks complex tasks into smaller steps
    2. Assigns tasks to specific team members
    3. Features productivity charts
  • Free tier? Yes
  • Integrates with other apps? Yes
  • Pricing: Starts at $3/month

6 Goodnotes

With the Goodnotes app, you can handwrite meeting notes or daily plans on your tablet. You can then create folders to organize tasks. You and your team can also share your notes and invite coworkers to collaborate on documents.

  • Main benefits: 
    1. Digitizes traditional note-taking
    2. Lets users share and collaborate on notes
    3. Features folders and subfolders for task organization
  • Free tier? No
  • Integrates with other apps? Yes
  • Pricing: $7.99

7 Asana

Asana brings all your team’s tasks together into a checklist-style platform. This app details tasks to give everyone a clear view of who’s working on what. Team members can comment on tasks about their progress or setbacks, see prioritized tasks, and view deadlines.

  • Main benefits: 
    1. Organizes tasks into checklists
    2. Clearly displays task assignments
    3. Allows users to post comments on tasks
  • Free tier? Yes
  • Integrates with other apps? Yes
  • Pricing: Starts at $10.99/month

8 Friday Planner

Friday Planner allows users to view meetings, see updated tasks, and combine multiple calendars for an overview of each day’s responsibilities. This planner also has space where users can journal or take notes.

  • Main benefits: 
    1. Sends agenda email with an overview of the day’s tasks
    2. Notebook or journal section for note tracking
    3. Can block social media sites to increase focus and productivity
  • Free tier? Yes
  • Integrates with other apps? Yes
  • Pricing: Starts at $4/month

9 Any.do

Any.do allows users to stay organized with detailed calendars, lists, and color-coded tasks. Team members can quickly set recurring reminders and streamline their daily workflows into feasible tasks. The app also features smart reminders that can be set with a virtual assistant like Siri or Alexa.

  • Main benefits: 
    1. Uses smart reminders
    2. Features detailed calendars
    3. Syncs with external calendars
  • Free tier? Yes
  • Integrates with other apps? Yes
  • Pricing: Starts at free for a standard plan

10 Passion Planner

Though mainly known for its physical planners, Passion Planner also offers PDF versions of its calendars and agendas. These PDF planners add a creative twist to organizing with bundles that include decorative covers and stickers. It offers various formats and allows users to set both work and personal goals.

  • Main benefits: 
    1. Includes decorative covers and stickers for creativity
    2. Offers weekly and daily views
    3. Easily tracks work and personal goals
  • Free tier? Yes
  • Integrates with other apps? No, only .pdf readers
  • Pricing: Free

11 Things

The Things app functions as a personal task manager. Users can create their own projects, make a plan for their workday, and group tasks into concise to-do lists. Things also allows for the creation of timelines and deadlines so users can prioritize and keep track of tasks.

  • Main benefits: 
    1. Organizes tasks into to-do lists
    2. Allows users to plan start times for tasks
    3. Features a search bar to find tasks by keyword or category
  • Free tier? No
  • Integrates with other apps? Yes
  • Pricing: $9.99

12 Awesome Calendar

The Awesome Calendar app helps teams organize their projects with to-do lists, events, and calendars. Teams can also share their notes with colleagues. Using custom alerts, team members can set deadline reminders to help them accomplish tasks on time.

  • Main benefits: 
    1. Incorporates to-do lists and calendars to organize tasks
    2. Features color-coding for events
    3. Allows users to set custom alerts for tasks
  • Free tier? No
  • Integrates with other apps? Yes
  • Pricing: $9.99

13 Fantastical

Fantastical brings all your calendars together to give you a clear view of all your meetings and tasks. The app features calendar templates so users can add calendars for relevant events. To go right into meetings from their calendars, team members can also add and join conference calls right from Fantastical.

  • Main benefits: 
    1. Syncs calendars across apps
    2. Offers calendar templates
    3. Allows users to join conference calls
  • Free tier? Yes
  • Integrates with other apps? Yes
  • Pricing. Starts at $3.33/month

Making organized plans

Your team members work hard to accomplish their goals. Help them manage their tasks and have more successful meetings by bringing an online agenda planner into their workflow. A planner can help you delegate tasks and track your team’s progress. Sounds like a win-win! And remember, for the best possible meetings, Fellow offers resources for building agendas, prioritizing action items, and planning for the best possible conversations.

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