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The Anatomy of a Meeting: Team Meetings Guide

Learn how the world’s best companies run effective team meetings – featuring insights from Figma, Buffer, Close, Webflow, Shopify, and more.

The guide also features a foreword from Cameron Herold, author of “Meetings Suck“.

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  • “Consider time-boxing complex topics and hearing feedback around the room one at a time, so that those who feel less comfortable in group settings have a designated time to speak up.”

    Noah Levin

    Design Director at Figma
  • “Designate a cadence to check in on each of your action items’ champions and don’t forget to send out a survey following the brainstorm to collect feedback on the session.”

    Courtney Symons

    Lead Writer at Shopify
  • “Every Monday, each team lead sends out a report that includes that week’s goals and metrics. We all read each report, make comments, ask questions, and prepare for the team meeting.”

    Steli Efti

    CEO at Close
  • “On many occasions, I’ve laughed so hard during our stand-ups that tears have come from my eyes. It’s just a great time and something I look forward to every week. Meetings don’t have to suck. They can be fun.”

    Jake Jorgovan

    Founder at Lead Cookie

Before the team meeting

You can’t have an effective team meeting unless all the attendees are prepared to contribute to the conversation.

This guide will walk you through what to do before the meeting kicks off so that the meeting is productive and engaging.

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During the meeting

Preparation is great but it takes other 4 key steps to ensure that the meeting is a productive work session.

We’ll walk you the best practices you can apply to make your meetings inclusive, respectful of your team’s schedule, and human-centric.

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After the meeting

You’ve had your meeting, everyone’s excited about the direction, and you removed key roadblocks. Now what?

This guide will show you exactly what to do when your meeting is over and how to ensure the right things are tracked to encourage follow-up.

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