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Compare Fellow and GoogleDocs

Fellow takes the best parts of Google Docs — collaborative note-taking and note versioning — and adds to it a full suite of features that are specifically centered on meeting productivity.

Compare Fellow vs GoogleDocs

Compare Fellow and Hugo

While Fellow and Hugo are both meeting management apps, Fellow has additional features (such as 1-on-1s and feedback) that can help managers and their teams take their meetings to the next level.

Compare Fellow vs Hugo

Compare Fellow and Docket

Fellow is the Docket alternative that makes it easy to have a central place for all meeting needs, including 1-on-1 support, meeting feedback, extra notes, and more. 

Compare Fellow vs Docket

Compare Fellow and Hypercontext

Fellow and Hypercontext both offer support for meetings, 1-on-1s, and OKRs, but Fellow integrates with more of the tools that you might already be using and is more customizable.

Plus Fellow is enterprise-ready.

Compare Fellow vs Hypercontext

Compare Fellow and Range

While both Fellow and Range can be used for meeting notes, Fellow is a more flexible, more collaborative, and more customizable solution.

Compare Fellow vs Range

Compare Fellow and Adam.ai

Fellow is an Adam.ai alternative for meeting notes and so much more! Fellow helps managers and their teams have productive team meetings and meaningful 1:1s

Compare Fellow vs Adam.ai

Compare Fellow and WorkPatterns

Fellow is an easy to use alternative to WorkPatterns. Take notes for 1-on-1s, recurring team meetings, and all the other meetings in your calendar.

Compare Fellow vs WorkPatterns

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  • Use a Time Saving Template

  • Build Your Agenda

  • Record Meeting Notes Collaboratively

  • Assign Action Items for Accountability

  • Organize Your Ideas in Streams

  • Exchange Feedback

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