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Collaborate on meeting agendas, assign action items, and ask for meeting feedback. Fellow is the meeting agenda app your team will love 💛

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Fellow is the meeting agenda software that empowers managers and their teams to:

Collaborate on meeting agendas and talking points.

Assign clear action items and takeaways for every meeting.

Save templates and agendas for recurring meetings.

Request feedback from meeting attendees.

Plan meeting agendas collaboratively

Create a shared meeting agenda and edit notes simultaneously. Once the meeting is over, send the meeting notes to all attendees to ensure everyone is on the same page!

Get notified about upcoming meetings.

Encourage every attendee to add talking points to the agenda.

Cross out discussion points as the meeting evolves.

Use the private notes section to record your thoughts.

Delegate action items

Foster accountability by following-up on the takeaways that come out of every meeting.

Create and delegate action items as the meeting evolves.

Hold everyone accountable by following up on assigned tasks.

Organize your meeting action items in one personal to-do list.

Stay on top of all the things you promise your fellow teammates.

Request and respond to meeting 

Measure the effectiveness of your meetings by asking employees for their feedback.

Send feedback requests to meeting attendees.

Get access to Fellow’s suggested feedback questions and templates.

Choose from a dynamic set of question types – including text, emoji, and star ratings.

Respond to feedback requests right from messaging apps like Slack.

Your team will thank you.

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