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Fellow for Enterprise

Make great meetings a part of your organization’s culture

Give managers and leaders the opportunity to proactively support teams with Fellow’s uniform meeting templates, collaborative one-on-one meetings, and feedback tools.  

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Promote a culture of feedback

Experts recommend that feedback be immediate and specific. But this doesn’t happen when feedback is only exchanged during performance review cycles.

Use Fellow’s feedback features to make it easy to gather 360 reviews, ask for and give feedback at any time.

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Easy, consistent meetings

Different teams often have their own meeting structure, routines, and procedures.

Gain consistency across your organization by using workspace-wide templates in Fellow. These custom templates can put your company on the path to great meetings across your organization.

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Provide guidance across the company

Fostering company-wide conversations about a specific topic or policy can be challenging.

With Fellow’s employee guidance feature, admins have the opportunity to suggest talking points for teams to discuss in their upcoming 1-on-1s, prompting meaningful conversations.

Much better than an email that may not be read.

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Pro Tip

Integrate Fellow with the tools your team is already using including your company’s HR system to simplify admin.

A birds-eye view of company meeting habits

It can be hard to get an overall sense of your company’s meeting habits to ensure that the right meetings are happening.

With the workspace analytics section in Fellow, you’ll be able to monitor meeting trends, analyze behaviours, and gain insight into your team’s busiest days.

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Keep an accurate record

When notes are scattered across tools and individuals, it can be hard for a team to remember what was discussed and decided. 

In Fellow, notes are linked to calendar events and grouped by event. Meaning that it is easy to find the notes for last week’s meeting, and scroll back in time to review earlier conversations. 

Admins also have the option to “lock notes” to prevent future changes after a meeting ends. This figuratively locks the notes in stone and guarantees an accurate history. 

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Unlock extra integrations

Users on Fellow’s Org Plan have access to our integrations with Salesforce and HubSpot!

These integrations make it easy to connect meeting notes with information in your organization’s CRM. Users will be able to view information from your CRM directly in Fellow, and then send the notes back to the CRM for accurate records.

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Learn best practices from experts

Meetings are our team’s expertise! We’re constantly gathering insights from experts about meeting best practices. 

As part of the organization plan, our Customer Success team will share some of these best practices in expert-led onboarding sessions. These tools will help your team have effective and productive meetings. 

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  • “Fellow helps us stay organized and follow up on the action items that inevitably come out of every meeting. It’s been a game-changer for our team.”

    John Gleeson

    Head of Customer Success

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