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Cross-functional meetings that spark progress and innovation

Fellow helps cross-functional teams stay aligned on projects, ensure milestones are being met, and connect positively with each other.

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Why are cross-functional meetings important?

Cross-functional meetings can help your team agree on project roles and responsibilities, remove roadblocks, and ensure that you’re hitting important deadlines and milestones.

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Invite all members of your company to Fellow to ensure that they can collaborate on meeting agendas.

A meeting agenda app can help your cross-functional team…

Stay in the loop, show up prepared

When cross-functional teams work together, a lot can happen in-between meetings.

With Fellow, teams can contribute asynchronously to the meeting agenda so progress and ideas are tracked and reviewed before each meeting.

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    Fellow connects with tools across your workflow

    Different teams use different tools. Keep action items in sync with Fellow’s integrations.

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    Drive progress and accountability

    Tracking progress and outcomes is critical when collaborating cross-functionally.

    With Fellow, teams can create collaborative project outlines, organize and prioritize action items, and ensure progress is being made across the project.

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      Improve collaboration with continuous feedback

      Openness to feedback is an essential component of successful projects.

      Fellow helps teams share real-time feedback so they can move through the forming, storming, and norming phases and get to performing faster.

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        No need to start from scratch

        Browse Fellow’s library of 400+ meeting agenda templates for your next cross-functional meeting.

        ✔︎ Cross-Functional Meeting Template
        ✔︎ Cross-Functional Team Update Meeting Template
        ✔︎ Product Sync Meeting Template

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          • “I spend my days in a lot of meetings and work with various teams across the company. Fellow is a great tool to stay organized and follow up on the action items that inevitably come out of every meeting. It’s been a game-changer for our team.”

            John Gleeson

            VP of Customer Success

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