Meeting Preparation

Set the stage for meetings that move work forward

Make meetings collaborative and productive with AI-enabled meeting preparation tools that provide context, structure, and accountability.

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Make structured meetings the standard

Give every meeting organizer the ability to create well-structured, effective meeting agendas. With Fellow, organizers can choose from over 500 pre-built templates, generate custom agendas with AI-generated headings and talking points, or create their own formats following guiding prompts based on best practices. Recurring meeting agendas can automatically carry forward any remaining talking points to the next meeting’s agenda so nothing gets forgotten.

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    Automate pre-meeting administration

    Set pre-meeting automations like reminders to add topics, or add to sections, or review the agenda, and set notifications for when no one has contributed to the agenda—with an option to auto-cancel the meeting to ensure a meeting is worth having.

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      Foster collaboration and accountability

      Share agendas with internal or external participants so they can add discussion topics and context, provide relevant information, and prepare their thoughts prior to meetings. Collaborative agendas ensure everyone in a meeting has the opportunity to be heard. Resulting meeting action items with one or more owners keep all attendees accountable.

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        • “Fellow helps us stay organized and follow up on the action items that inevitably come out of every meeting. It’s been a game-changer for our team.

          John Gleeson

          VP of Customer Success