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How to make your remote meetings worth showing up to…

Why is remote meeting engagement important?

As teams move towards remote work, virtual meetings are becoming just as common as in-person meetings. Engaged remote meetings will keep your team connected, collaborative, and productive.

Pro Tip

Assign and rotate the roles of facilitator, timekeeper, and notetaker. This will get everyone involved and invested in the success of the meeting.

Contribute without disruption

Sometimes adding more talking points, action items, or bullets during a meeting is not necessary.

Fellow’s comments and reaction features can help support ongoing discussions without disruption by allowing asynchronous contributions!

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    Break it down with sections

    When you have a lot of work to do, it’s easy to forget to contribute to a daily check-in, or prompt other teammates to do the same.

    Fellow makes this easy and automated with sections. It automatically reminds the right people to contribute and sets the stage for a productive remote meeting.

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      Know who is doing what, by when

      Communication and accountability are at the heart of high-performing remote teams.

      Fellow provides one single source of truth for all your meeting action items, so everyone stays accountable and connected, even when you’re distributed.

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