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Remote one-on-one meeting software for managers and their teams

Fellow makes it easier for managers and their direct reports to collaborate on talking points, exchange feedback, and have engaging conversations from anywhere.

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One-on-ones are critical in a remote environment

One-on-one meetings help managers build trust with their direct reports. In a remote work environment, they also help to build better relationships, uncover issues, and keep motivation and productivity high.

Pro Tip

Your one-on-ones shouldn’t be status updates. Use this time to connect with your team members and fuel their growth.

A remote one-on-one tool can help you and your team…

Never forget what was discussed

Show your direct reports that you care by remembering what they said during past meetings.

With Fellow, you can see a history of every remote 1-on-1 conversation you’ve had and ensure that you’re staying focused on important decisions and action items.

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Promote a growth mindset

In a remote setting, it’s easy for work to feel transactional. The best managers know that in a remote world, maintaining “human-ness” is key.

With Fellow, you can help your team to achieve their goals by offering them a dedicated space to set priorities and visualize their progress.

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Talk about the right things

Say good-bye to awkward silences and status updates.

Fellow’s library of 200+ suggested questions and pre-built templates will help you maintain consistency and spark engaging conversations.

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Free resources to

Level-up your remote 1-on-1 meetings

  • Fellow helps my team have more collaborative one-on-one meetings. My teammates love capturing their own agenda items, and getting prompted is super handy when jumping from one meeting to the next.”

    Sabrina Leblanc

    Senior Director of Customer Success


7 Mistakes Managers Make in One-on-One Meetings and How to Fix Them

If you want to have better one-on-one meetings that go from awkward to awesome, register, and watch this on-demand webinar on 1-on-1s.

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