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The Best Alternative to Navigator: Fellow.app for Your Meetings

Now is the perfect chance to give Fellow a try and see why it is rated the #1 meeting management software!

By Hannah Sheehan  •   August 17, 2021  •   7 min read

If you were a Navigator user, chances are you know that the product is no longer available. And chances are you are in search of a new meeting management software to help manage all of your meetings. 

So, now is the perfect opportunity to give Fellow a chance and see why Fellow is loved by all of its users and rated the #1 meeting management software by G2’s Summer 2021 Grid Report!

What was Navigator?

Navigator was a meeting management platform that allowed its users to share meeting agendas, docs, notes, and action items with meeting attendees. 

Through Navigator, users could collaborate on agendas, create notes and action items, share files and links, create meeting automation, and integrate calendar events.

Navigator’s Key Features

  • Shared workspaces: Through Navigator, users could collaborate on meeting agendas, meeting notes, action items, and supporting documents/files. 
  • Desktop application: Navigator could be downloaded with Windows and macOS devices.
  • Access to your workspace through your calendar: Through calendar integrations, Navigator shared calendar events with attendees so that they could access the meeting straight from their calendar.
  • Multiple integrations: Navigator could be integrated with Slack, Zoom, Google Meet, Dropbox, and Google Drive. 

Enter Fellow – The best Navigator alternative

What is Fellow?

Fellow is the meeting management software that allows its users to create and collaborate on meeting agendas, meeting notes and action items. Through syncing Fellow with your Google Calendar, you’ll have a side by side view of your calendar events and the agendas that belong to each of those meetings – making it easier than ever to prepare for your conversations!

Fellow also allows its users to create daily planners and streams to keep themselves on track each day. The daily planner helps users prioritize their tasks from most important to least important, to ensure that tasks are completed by importance and less important tasks aren’t forgotten about.

Fellow key features

In an application with so much functionality, it is hard to summarize all of its features. So, here are some of Fellow’s key features that help foster accountability and productivity in each user:

  • One-on-one meetings: Fellow’s one-on-one meeting feature includes suggested topics, objectives, and a history of previous conversations. 
  • Team meeting agendas: Encourage attendees to prepare in advance of team meetings, take notes as they go, and can share the notes after the meeting.
  • Private and shared streams: From personal to-do lists to team OKRs, Streams are digital notepads where action items and ideas come together to inspire productivity.
  • Comments and reactions: Leave comments directly on your meeting notes to ask questions, give encouragement, or even prompt asynchronous discussions.
  • Action items and due dates: Record action items in real-time and automatically carry-forward incomplete action items to the next meeting.
  • Meeting feedback: Meeting attendees can quickly let you know what’s working or what’s not working about your meetings so that you can iterate and make your meetings better.
  • Expert-approved templates: Use one of Fellow’s pre-built templates to save time and spark ideas for your next meeting.
One on One Meeting Tool

Other Fellow features include:

workspace analytics

Fellow integrations

Fellow offers a wide variety of integrations and apps/extensions. Here is a list of some of the many integrations offered:

Here is a list of some of the apps and extensions also offered:

  • macOS App
  • Windows App
  • IOS App
  • Android App
  • Chrome Extension
  • Firefox Extension 

Fellow pricing

Starts at $7 per user per month

Learn more about Fellow’s plans

Fellow G2 report

For this year’s G2 Summer 2021 Grid Report, Fellow gratefully received 3 badges: The most Implementable Summer 2021 badge, the Leader Summer 2021 badge, AND the Leader Small Business 2021 badge.

Equally as impressive, Fellow’s lowest Satisfaction Rating was a whopping 90%. Here is how Fellow scored in each category of the Satisfaction Ratings:

  • Quality of Support = 95%
  • Ease of Use = 92%
  • Meeting Requirements = 90%
  • Ease of Admin = 94%
  • Ease of Doing Business With = 95%
  • Ease of Setup = 94%

The G2 report also showcased that 95% of Fellow’s users said that they are likely to recommend this product and 89% of Fellow’s users agreed that Fellow is headed in the right direction.

Finally, the G2 report rewarded Fellow with an overall 4.7-star rating!

How Fellow has helped its users (testimonials)

If you still don’t believe us that Fellow is the best meeting management software platform on the market (and yes, we mean better than Navigator too!), then take some of our users’ words for it:

What makes Fellow a better alternative?

Unlike Navigator, Fellow allows its users to create private and shared streams. These streams help users stay on top of daily tasks and manage what other team members are doing. 

Furthermore, Fellow’s feedback feature allows users to give and receive feedback. This is a very useful tool as it allows team members to ask for feedback about themselves from their superiors or ask about feedback from another team member (for example, in the case of a manager asking another manager for feedback on an employee). The feedback feature can also be used as a way to anonymously ask for feedback on new projects or ideas (for example, new meeting agenda templates being used).

Parting words

We understand that making a switch to a new platform is a big deal. You want to ensure that you’re getting a good value for the price you’re paying and that the platform will help you and your team. 

Fellow’s competitive prices ensure that users are getting the best features possible to enhance their meeting experience. Fellow also prompts accountability and fosters productivity by creating shared and private streams, action items, and feedback requests. 

If you are considering using a meeting management software (and, you should!), give Fellow a try and see for yourself why it is so loved by its users!

“Fellow has completely changed the way we manage remote meetings. With 100+ people in 32 different countries, Fellow was one of the tools that took our remote meetings from confusion to clarity”

– Liam Martin, Co-Founder & Remote Work Advocate 
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