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The Best Alternative to Amazemeet: Fellow.app for Your Meetings

Were you an Amazemeet user? We're sharing why Fellow app is the tool you need to get your meetings and productivity back on track.

By Hannah Sheehan  •   December 16, 2021  •   5 min read

By now, the majority of people know that the trick to having a productive meeting is using a meeting management tool. “Given how much of our working lives we spend in meetings, building a digital meeting toolkit is one of the smartest investments you can make in tech-savvy productivity”, says Alexandra Samuel, Harvard Business Review contributor.

With this increased need for meeting management tools, the market is becoming more competitive by the day. Hence why some companies, like Amazemeet, were forced into closure. So, where does this leave previous Amazemeet (or other) users? Allow me to demonstrate why it should lead them right to Fellow, the #1 meeting management software company. 

What was Amazemeet?

Amazemeet was a meeting management platform that helped users improve their meetings. Amazemeet’s goal was to make its users have better and fewer meetings by providing a tool to make effective meetings. Through fostering collaboration, eliminating the time it takes to create meeting minutes, and providing users with a meeting agenda, Amazemeet aimed to improve meetings for everyone. However, Amazemeet announced that it would permanently discontinue its services on November 7th, 2021, due to a lack of traction. 

Amazemeet’s pricing

Amazemeet had three plans that users could choose from:

  • Solo – $9.99/year
  • Team – $99.99/year
  • Starter – $2.99/month

Enter Fellow – The best alternative to Amazemeet

What is Fellow?

Fellow is a Series A venture-backed startup (Craft, iNovia, Felicis) from the founders of Fluidware (acquired by SurveyMonkey). Fellow is the meeting management software that allows users to create and collaborate on meeting agendas, meeting notes, and action items. Through syncing Fellow with your Google Calendar, you’ll have a side-by-side view of your calendar events and the agendas that belong to each of those meetings – making it easier than ever to prepare for your conversations! Did we mention Fellow has hundreds of meeting templates to choose from for every type of meeting you have?

Fellow also allows its users to create daily planners and streams to keep themselves on track each day. The daily planner helps users prioritize their tasks to ensure that tasks get completed by importance, while also ensuring that less important tasks aren’t forgotten.

Fellow key features and use-cases

It’s hard to summarize all of Fellow’s features in an application with so much functionality. So, here are some of Fellow’s key features that help foster accountability and productivity in each user:

  • One-on-one meetings: Fellow’s one-on-one meeting feature includes suggested topics, objectives, and a history of previous conversations. 
  • Team meeting agendas: Encourage attendees to prepare in advance of team meetings, take notes as they go, and share the notes after the meeting.
  • Private and shared streams: From personal to-do lists to team OKRs, Streams are digital notepads where action items and ideas come together to inspire productivity.
  • Comments and reactions: Leave comments directly on your meeting notes to ask questions, encourage team members, or even prompt asynchronous discussions.
  • Action items and due dates: Record action items in real-time and automatically carry forward incomplete action items to the next meeting.

Additional Fellow features:

  • Dark mode
  • Note version history
  • Note locking
  • Public links
  • Feedback 
  • Convergence 

Fellow pricing 

Starts at $7 per user per month

Learn more about Fellow’s plans

What makes Fellow the better alternative?

When comparing Amazemeet to Fellow, the first thing to note is that Amazemeet has a G2 star rating of 4.3/5 and has 7 reviews while Fellow has a G2 star rating of 4.7/5 and has 318 reviews

The following showcases G2’s ratings comparing Amazemeet to Fellow:

Ease of use: 8.8Ease of use: 9.0
Quality of support: 8.6Quality of support: 9.4

In addition to higher star ratings, higher overall ratings, and more reviews, Fellow replaces the need of multiple applications by implementing everything into one. According to Roy Sarkar, content marketing consultant, Fellow replaces Google Calendar for meeting agendas, replaces OneNote for long meeting notes, replaces Slack for short meeting notes, and replaces NotePad for temporary thoughts. 

Finally, used by teams in 100+ countries, Fellow has a broad set of customers in many different industries, such as Shopify, Hopin, GoCardless, Proxy, Warner Media, Tucows, Lemonade, KeepTruckin, and many more.

Fellow testimonials (don’t just take our word for it!)

When choosing to invest in something new, like Fellow for example, we know that people do their research. And we fully encourage you to. So, rather than listening to us, here are some honest customer G2 reviews to help you make your decision:

“Since my company has adopted Fellow, most of the decisions made during meetings are actioned. Reminders, transparency and accountability certainly play a huge role in people’s willingness to do things and Fellow helps a lot. At the personal level, I always start the day by opening Fellow, check my meetings to ensure I have an agenda set and plan my action items. Fellow helped me up my game!”

Quentin J, design system manager.

“How well thought out the App is. It’s so easy to use yet so powerful. It really unifies people and meeting notes across the team and company. I can’t imagine going back to the pre-Fellow days now.” – Kevin R, support lead.

“I love the fact that the application sits right within my Google Meets software. It makes call agendas and note-taking incredibly easy. I use it on each call in place of call follow-up emails. It also can live right within your desktop if you download the desktop app which can help to have your call notes, action items, etc. right in front of you wherever you are working.”

Brendan R, senior account manager. 

“Fellow helps me organize everything, literally. From meetings to thought processes to impact reviews and feedback, it is one vast space to keep track and organize everything. On a micro level, I like that everything can be categorized. Action items look different than notepad points or talking points and will pull themselves into a separate repository with reminders to complete the things. It syncs with my calendar and Google Meet, so my notes and tasks follow me everywhere I go. I don’t even have to think about it. One more thing, I forking love that you can use emojis and make the notes more fun!” – Tiffany J, team lead. 

Parting words 

If it hasn’t already been made clear, Fellow is the best meeting management software. Winning Most Implementable Summer 2021 badge, Leader Summer 2021 badge, AND Leader Small Business 2021 badge by G2’s Summer 2021 Grid Report, Fellow continues to come out on top.

If you’re a former Amazemeet user (or not) make the right choice to join Fellow and start enjoying productive, efficient, and delightful meetings! 

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