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Top 50 Meeting Meme Moments for a Chuckle in 2024

Take a moment to yourself to browse through the 50 best meeting memes below! Remember, a laugh can turn your whole day around.

By Hannah Sheehan  •   December 9, 2021  •   3 min read

Not everything has to be so serious! It’s okay to share a funny, relatable meme with your team. We recommend sharing one of the below memes before your meeting starts to relax your attendees and ease into the meeting, especially on Monday mornings. Or send a meme to a teammate who you think would enjoy it to spark conversation! This is a great and casual way to build more engagement within a team. 

“Laughter relieves stress and boredom, boosts engagement and well-being, and spurs not only creativity and collaboration but also analytic precision and productivity.” – Alison Beard, Harvard Business Review Contributor. 

So, without further ado, here are the best 50 relatable meeting memes that we guarantee will put a smile on your face… 

1 The feeling when there’s finally a meeting agenda…

buddy the elf meeting agenda meme

2 When the meeting has no agenda…  It’s a no [agenda, no attenda] for me

shocked colleague meeting agenda meme

Always have an agenda.

Showing up to a meeting with no agenda is no joke. Have a collaborative agenda to stay on track and run productive meetings with a tool like Fellow.

3 The face you make when there’s an hour before a meeting, and there’s still no agenda.

spongebob meeting agenda meme

4 When you leave the meeting with no action items 😐

facial reaction meeting agenda meme

5 When your manager books frequent 1-on-1’s, acknowledges your achievements, provides useful feedback, and invests in your growth

held white mug  meeting agenda meme

6 Meetings with Fellow agenda > meetings with a Google Docs agenda

head turner meeting agenda meme

7 No action items = unproductive meeting

buzz light year woody meeting meme

8 When there’s no meeting agenda, the meeting goes on forever…

planking office meeting agenda meme

9 #ZoomProblems …

man on the phone meeting agenda meme

10 No purpose = no meeting!

fainted mr. crab meeting agenda meme

11 Missing action items = a no, no 

wide eyes meeting agenda meme

12 The face of somebody who went to McDonald’s during their meeting…

running late meeting agenda meme

13 No agenda = no attenda

full smile meeting agenda meme

14 Eliminate hundreds of loose papers by digitizing your notes via Fellow!

orange jacket drake meeting agenda meme

15 The face of somebody who sent the agenda 24-hours in advance 

cheeky grin meeting agenda meme

16 Said only ever by those who use meeting agendas… 

wide smile buddy the elf meeting meme

17 My face when there is a meeting agenda versus when there isn’t… 

squid game meeting agenda meme

18 When there is no meeting agenda…

exhausted meeting agenda meme

19 The reality of remote work

hairy pups meeting agenda meme

20 There isn’t really a choice when it comes to meeting agendas… 

no agenda meeting agenda meme

21 The most annoying line…

deformed sponge bob meeting agenda meme

22 Good bosses know the importance of meeting agendas

great job toast meeting agenda meme

23 When they don’t understand why meeting agendas are important

Donald Trump meeting agenda meme

24 The look of shock when you hear somebody say they don’t use meeting agendas 

the rock driving meeting agenda meme

25 The two realities of meetings 

cartoon character meeting agenda meme

26 Thinking about all my talking points

smart black man meeting agenda meme

27 The POV of somebody in denial 

hot seat meeting agenda meme

28 When somebody tries telling you that you don’t need an agenda 

4 scene scroll meeting agenda meme

29 When you’re the only one on your team using an agenda

man behind the wall meeting agenda meme

30 The look of concern when the agenda is empty 

Pain Harold meeting agenda meme

31 When Fellow makes agendas collaborative 

blue botton meeting agenda meme

32 Elite teams use agendas… 

Winnie the Pooh meeting agenda meme

33 No agenda = neverending meeting

waiting skeleton meeting agenda meme

34 The obvious choice

2 road meeting agenda meme

35 When you’re a little too passionate about agendas… 

American Chopper meeting agenda meme

36 The no agenda long meeting headache 

types of headache meeting agenda meme

37 When your meeting has no talking points

Sponge bob meeting agenda meme

38 The look of somebody whose being fed meeting lies…

female face reaction meeting agenda meme

39 When there are too many benefits of agendas 

million dollar show meeting agenda meme

40 The look of fear of somebody whose meeting has no agenda 

anxious face meeting agenda meme

41 Meeting agendas = short, concise meetings 

thick vs thin book meeting agenda meme

42 When your mood changes quickly 

pass the notes meeting agenda meme

43 That awkward moment when you share the wrong screen…

bite lips meeting agenda meme

44 The lies of somebody running a meeting without an agenda

peace sign quick meeting meeting agenda meme

45 Shyness unlocked

black cat meeting agenda meme

46 When somebody schedules a meeting too early 

deep thinker meeting agenda meme

47 When they think everything needs to be a meeting 

arguing cat meeting agenda meme

48 When the no agenda meeting goes on forever

worn out meeting agenda meme

49 The realities of virtual meetings 

zoom in meeting agenda meme

50 When there is no agenda 

waste of time meeting agenda meme

Parting advice

Now that you’ve got 50 free, hilarious, and relatable memes, you may be wondering when is an appropriate time to use them. Starting off your meeting with a meme will begin on a positive note, setting a good tone and easing meeting anxiety and stress. Additionally, sending memes at the end of a meeting will leave your team feeling positive and determined to get some work done on starting those action items. And finally, memes can be sent when you want to reinforce positive behaviour. Maybe your team has had a stressful day or you think they could use a laugh, send one of our 50 memes and it’s certain to work!

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