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10 Best Meeting Scheduling Tools in 2024

Looking for the right meeting scheduler app to take the hassle out of finding a time to meet? Here are the 10 best options in 2023.

By Mara Calvello  •   March 21, 2023  •   7 min read

When it comes to getting things done, meetings are a must.

They’re where your team comes together to discuss new projects, ask thoughtful questions, and sync up with upcoming strategies. But finding a time to meet that works for everyone can be a pain. 

The admin work that comes with scheduling a meeting, creating an agenda, and taking notes can feel like a hassle—but only if you’re not using a meeting scheduler app that can do the heavy lifting for you.

What is a meeting scheduler app? 

A meeting scheduler app is a software that makes it easy for users to automatically sync multiple calendars to find shared availability to schedule a meeting, all without exposing individual calendars and compromising privacy. So, instead of struggling to find a time that works for everyone, a meeting scheduler app can do it for you! 

These apps truly take the hassle out of getting a bunch of people in a meeting at a time that works best for everyone’s calendars.

Run efficient meetings, come to a decision, and get back to work

Level up your meeting habits to boost engagement and productivity with a collaborative meeting agenda. Try a tool like Fellow!

Benefits of using a meeting scheduler app

So, why take the time to use a meeting scheduler app? Doing so leads to many benefits, so let’s break some down!

1Increases productivity

For starters, a meeting scheduler app can boost productivity. These apps are designed to help you keep up with everything you need to get done, whom you need to meet with, and what agenda is within each meeting. Because meeting scheduler apps streamline so much of the process, you can spend time crossing action items off your to-do list. 

Plus, because this software finds a time that works for everyone, conversations are more productive since every important voice or stakeholder is in the meeting. You never have to put a decision on hold while you run it by someone who wasn’t able to join.

2Improves communication

Using a meeting scheduler app can also improve communication. With all key stakeholders attending the meeting, you can ensure everyone is on the same page regarding deliverables, timelines, and goals. Using a meeting scheduler app is also a great way to ensure the right questions get asked before kickstarting projects.

3Automates processes 

These tools can also automate processes related to how you have meetings–which saves you time! For example, most of these apps can:

  • Send meeting reminders 
  • Send thank you messages to attendees
  • Send invite links and create guest lists
  • Get rid of double bookings
  • Generate reports

All of the above may be tasks that someone on your team currently has to spend time doing, but the apps can automate these processes for you.

4Reduces scheduling errors

When it comes to scheduling meetings, mistakes happen. Sometimes an attendee gets double booked and has to choose which session to attend and which to miss. Or scheduling friction can occur with clients who work in different time zones.

To avoid scheduling mistakes, a meeting scheduler app is a must!

10 of the best meeting scheduler apps in 2023

Interested in adding a meeting scheduler app to your tech stack in 2023? Check out these 10 options.


Are you looking to host a successful meeting? It all starts with Fellow. Allowing you to do everything from scheduling meetings for all attendees and creating collaborative meeting agendas to easily sharing feedback with others, Fellow is an all-in-one meeting app. Plus, unlike with other tools, you can create meetings directly inside Fellow, so you never have to leave the app!

Pricing: Starts at $7 per user per month

Learn more about Fellow’s plans


Another meeting scheduler option is Calendly. This tool makes scheduling meetings efficient and professional while eliminating the back-and-forth of emails and conversations while trying to find a time that works for everyone. The interface is simple, and the booking page has a calendar-like flow showing all available days.

Calendly offers team scheduling, availability preferences, workflows, and embed options for websites and emails.

Price: For just the basics, Calendly is free. Need a little more? The app starts at $8 per seat/month.



Up next is SavvyCal, which offers users features like calendar overlay, ranked availability, time zone scheduling, per-link calendar settings, and single-use links. Users are sure to enjoy that it allows recipients to overlay their calendars on top of their coworkers’ to easily find mutual availability so meetings can get scheduled in seconds. Plus, it has a simple design, syncs with other calendars, and integrates with apps like Zoom and Google Meet.

Price: In addition to offering a free plan, SavvyCal offers a basic plan that starts at $12 per user/month.



There’s also Clara-an AI scheduling assistant. Think of Clara as a friendly robot scheduling assistant who handles the back-and-forth of deciding on a meeting time for you. All users have to do is add Clara to any email, and the assistant will handle all scheduling and needed back-and-forth. All you have to do is show up! This app also boasts automatic follow-ups, natural language, and 24/7 responses.

Price: Clara offers three plans, all with a two-week free trial. Plans begin with Clara Essential, which is $99 per user/month.



Motion also uses artificial intelligence to plan your day! It builds your perfect day by considering your meetings, tasks, and projects when scheduling. It also adds tasks around meetings to any schedule, giving users a minute-by-minute plan for every day. Never miss a deadline or a meeting, ever again, thanks to Motion.

Price: With a 7-day free trial, Motion plans start at $12 per user/month for teams and $19 per month for individuals. 



Do you hold a ton of meetings in person? Sidekick may be the best meeting scheduler app for you! Users can save various favorite meeting types and even physical meeting locations. Meeting virtually? Sidekick also integrates with Google Meet, Zoom, and Teams. Plus, Sidekick is easy to use and offers a seamless dashboard layout so users can get the complete picture of their day quickly.

Price: Sidekick boasts a free plan for users who need basic features, and the Superhero plan is $5 per month for those who need more.



Sometimes you need scheduling to be simple, and for that, opt for CozyCal. This app is designed to save users time and provides a minimal design and simple setup process. CozyCal is also an excellent choice for those considering team collaboration, as it can easily manage team members, assign them to various meetings, and connect calendars to start meetings with others.

Price: For all the essential features necessary for automated scheduling, CozyCal starts at $15 per user/month.


8Google Calendar

Up next is a tried and true app: Google Calendar. It can intelligently manage your work and personal calendars so you’re never double-booked, while effortlessly creating and managing tasks. Plus, view and join events in seconds while scheduling meetings at a time that works for your entire team. Meeting virtually? Google Calendar seamlessly connects with Google Meet.

Price: Google Calendar is a free tool offered in the G-Suite. 

google calendar

9Outlook Calendar

Another classic is the Outlook Calendar. Users can scroll through multiple calendar views, see different calendars side by side, and see a quick at-a-glance view of what their schedule has in store for the day. The app can also create events and appointments, view group schedules to easily find a time to meet, and browse an overlay view of team schedules.

Price: Outlook Calendar is free for Microsoft users.

Microsoft Outlook Calendar 

10Zoho Bookings

Last but not least is Zoho Bookings. This meeting scheduler app syncs with your calendar effortlessly, while offering a user interface that can be customized to your specific industry. It’s ideal for all types of meetings your team may need to schedule, from one-on-one check-ins to team management with round-robin scheduling and even classes or workshops. With Zoho Bookings, users can reduce email back-and-forth, eliminate no-shows, and personalize booking pages to impress customers.

Price: The Zoho Bookings Basic plan starts at $6 per user/month. 

zoho bookings

Bonus: Link Fellow to a scheduler app to level up your workflow

I know we’ve mentioned many features that meeting scheduler apps have, but here’s one last bonus to consider: Fellow can link to your calendar, meaning it’s easy to create a meeting straight in Fellow, which will appear in your Google or Outlook calendar. This means you won’t have to flip back and forth between Fellow and your calendar to take notes!

Ready to meet?

A meeting scheduler app is designed to save you time and reduce the hassle of finding a meeting time that works for all attendees. The decision between them comes down to the features your team wants most, the budget you have to work with, and the size of your team. Whichever option you choose, consider a tool like Fellow, which can not only easily schedule your meetings for you but can also provide you with tools you didn’t even know you needed, like a ton of agenda templates. Productivity awaits!

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