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VP of Marketing Interview Template

Use this interview template to hire a VP of Marketing that has a wide range of knowledge from product marketing to brand marketing to customer marketing.

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What’s inside this VP of Marketing Interview Template:

1⭐️ Priorities

To help your candidates here though, make sure you’ve shared enough data on how your funnel works today.

  • What are the top 3 things you think we should upgrade in marketing?

2🎯 Previous commits

This is a great catch-all to see if you really have someone that can do demand gen.

  • What “commit” did you hold in your last roles?  How much of it did you meet?

3🤝 Collaboration

Were they close to the VP of sales?  What issues and bumps did they have together? How do they think sales and marketing should work together?

  • How have you worked with the sales team in the past?

4💰 Budget

Make sure the candidate knows your ARR today and your ARR goal 12 months from now.

  • What should our marketing budget be?

5👥 Marketing team

Many candidates will need just need too large of a team.  Better to find out upfront.

  • How big a team do we need?

6💪 Close rates

Do they do the right types of product marketing for your stage?  Marketing isn’t just getting folks into the funnel.  It’s also increasing close rates. 

  • What have you done to increase win rates?

7💡 Ideas

If you sell to customers Small, Medium, and Large, ask them how they’d split up their limited time and budget into each segment. 

  • What should we do to market to each of our top segments? 

8💻 Agencies

Great agencies are terrific leverage for a great VP of Marketing — without having to make full-time hires.

  • What agencies would you bring in to help us? 

9📣 Brand awareness? 

Most VPs of Marketing you hire before $5m-$10m ARR likely shouldn’t put this #1. 

  • How much should we focus on building up brand and product awareness? 

10🚀 Customer marketing

This is a great opportunity to chat about strategy and best practices and where to grow and improve.

  • What sort of customer marketing should we do?
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