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SaaS Sales Meeting Template

Use this template to ensure alignment, collaboration, and ongoing growth across your Sales team.

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SaaS Sales Meetings bring sales teams together to focus on acquiring new customers and retaining current clients. Dan Martell, serial entrepreneur, business coach and investor in more than 30 startups, has mastered the art of the SaaS sales meeting. As the creator of SaaS academy, Dan has used his sales meeting template to help more than 100 SaaS founders establish rhythm, routine and revenue they need to grow their businesses. 

In order to adopt a good rhythm that aligns with sales cycles, Dan suggests having SaaS sales meetings on a weekly basis. Weekly sales meetings are usually attended by the sales manager, sales reps, marketing lead, and customer success managers. Weekly SaaS sales meetings are crucial to the success of organizations of any size, and can work for sales teams of one to 100+ team members. 

We’re thrilled to share Dan’s eight-point SaaS sales agenda template to help you and your sales team become a well-oiled machine!

What’s inside Dan Martell’s SaaS Sales Meeting Template

1 Wins

Dan starts most of his meetings discussing team wins, including his SaaS sales meetings. During this portion of the meeting, each team member has a chance to share their recent wins, this could include a big accomplishment, reaching a milestone, or receiving a positive customer review.  

Dan notes that celebrating wins creates momentum and resets perspectives to put a positive spin on the rest of the meeting. 

2 Pipeline

The next part of your weekly SaaS sales meeting should be spent reviewing the pipeline. This is an opportunity for your sales team to review the current deals within your pipeline, and the stage and value of each deal. 

Whether your team uses a tool or application, or something more simple like a spreadsheet or whiteboard, it’s important to review your sales pipeline regularly to understand which salesperson is responsible for each deal, and ensure your team members are on track with the actions necessary to close every deal in the funnel and hit their respective sales quotas. 

3 Roadblocks

The third portion of the SaaS sales meeting is spent reviewing any roadblocks the team experienced in the week leading up to the meeting. In order to streamline this process, Dan invites sales team members to contribute any roadblocks they wish to discuss or have questions around to the meeting agenda prior to the meeting. These roadblocks are then reviewed during the meeting and the team discusses ways to eliminate and unblock these barriers moving forward. Suggestions and recommendations to eliminate roadblocks may include tweaks to your marketing playbook, best practices that have worked in the past or books and training that may help to eliminate these roadblocks in the future. 

4 Buyer Feedback

During the buyer feedback portion of the meeting the sales team has an opportunity to raise any feedback they’ve recently received from clients or prospective clients during sales or discovery calls or product demos. This feedback is then incorporated into the sales process or product roadmap to create additional value for buyers.

5 Sales Metrics

In the fifth phase of the sales meeting, the team reviews the sales metrics. This includes individual members’ sales quotas, team sales targets, follow up numbers or any other metrics you use to measure sales success. 

Dan recommends establishing a sales scorecard with the five key metrics your team needs to meet, or exceed, on a weekly basis in order to reach your quarterly numbers, and in turn, your overall sales goals. 

6 Announcements

The announcements portion of the SaaS sales meetings is an opportunity for any attendees to share important information with the whole sales team. Creating this space for team members to directly broadcast cross-departmental announcements eliminates any communication roadblocks or need for a middle man to currier information and updates from one team or department to the next, while ensuring that everyone has a voice at the table. 

7 Competitors

Every SaaS company has competitors and it’s important to keep a finger on the pulse of your competition. The competitors portion of the sales meeting is a discussion of what your organization’s competitors have brought to market recently, and how your team plans to respond to, or utilize your competitors accomplishments to remain relevant in your respective markets. 

Reviewing and discussing your competitors ensures that sales reps don’t end up surprised or blindsided if or when competitors’ products are mentioned by buyers, and allows team members the opportunity to respond appropriately from an informed perspective when necessary. 

8 Training

The last portion of the SaaS sales meetings should be spent ensuring your team is well versed on all aspects of your organization’s sales process. This training may be a newly established sales process or protocol, or a refresher course on an existing element of the sales process or best practice. 

Dan guarantees that if you can commit to one weekly meeting that follows this structure, your sales team will be closing more deals before the year is out. Give it a try and see how much your sales team excels with the adoption of weekly SaaS sales meetings. 

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Dan Martell

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