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1-on-1 Accomplishments Meeting Template

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1-on-1 Accomplishments Meeting
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1-on-1 Accomplishments Meeting Template
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1-on-1 Accomplishments Meeting Template

“Accomplishments give you a sense of confidence and encouragement.” Catherine Pulsifer

1-on-1 meetings are regular meetings between the manager and the employee. These take part on a personal level and can sometimes happen between mentors, coaches, and even peers. Of all other meetings in a company, the 1-on-1s are pretty important as they give the manager a chance to interact directly with the employee, talk about career growth and challenges, give and receive feedback, and identify action points.

During the accomplishment meetings, the employee has a chance to outline their success in the company so far, including the impact on the company, the solutions they have provided, and the financial outcomes they have provided. They also talk about the positive reviews they have achieved from peers and customer surveys, outlining their importance to the company.

Since these are one-on-one, they require the manager and the employee to attend. The meetings can be held after every project, but most organizations have them bi-weekly or monthly. This is because a lot can happen within the month, and the employees will have some wins in their portfolio that you, the manager, should know about. This will help foster trust and increase productivity, as we all want to be appreciated for a job well done.

How to Use a 1-on-1 Accomplishments Meeting Template

To help organizations like yours hold efficient 1-on-1 accomplishments meetings, we, the fellows at Fellow, came up with this easy-to-use 1-on-1 Accomplishments Meeting Template. The template has four parts, impact, solutions, financial outcomes, and positive reviews, all of which should be part of the agenda.

When preparing for a one-on-one meeting with your employee, it’s important to remind them that the meeting is for their benefit. This will help ease the tension they might have coming in to see you. Don’t also overthink the meeting, and try to keep an open mind while talking to your employee. Keep it informal, but bring your notes or our template with you.

You can have them fill in the sections before your meeting so that you can go through the points faster when you meet face to face, as both of you know what to talk about. Keep the conversation about the employee, and let them speak their mind.

For the accomplishment meetings to be effective, you need to set up a recurring schedule. That way, the employee can prepare the talking points and meeting notes, and you can also do a proper performance review with them.

What’s inside this 1-on-1 Accomplishments Meeting Template

“Talk to yourself about your successes; be sure you are recognizing your own accomplishments, no matter how small they may be.” Rhett Power

Accomplishment meetings need to be short and engaging and to achieve that, our 1-on-1 meeting template is well suited to help you run a seamless meeting with your employee. We have four main sections that you can discuss, and they are:

1💪 Impact

List concrete metrics of your impact on the company.

Here, as the employee, you talk about the impact you have had so far since you joined the company. List all the concrete merits of your influence on the organization and how you have achieved it. Don’t leave anything out; this is the best chance to outline your strengths and how you’ve helped the company grow.

2 🌟 Solutions

List solutions you’ve provided or contributed to.

What are the solutions you provided to the company? Every organization needs a problem-solver; if you solve some of the company’s issues, you must list them. Whether you have provided the solutions or contributed to solving the problem, your assistance should not go unnoticed.

3💰 Financial Outcomes

Outlined the financial outcomes you’ve produced.

The goal of any business is to make money, so what are the financial outcomes you have produced? List the amount of money you have brought in or even saved from your efforts in the company. You should recognize all financial achievements and explain them to your boss.

4👍 Positive Reviews

Name some positive employee or customer surveys about you.

Did the customer surveys pick you as the best employee they have come across? Or do your fellow employees find you easy to work with? All the positive reviews from customers and peers about you are important, and you should list them. Talk about all the good things the people you’ve interacted with have said and back it up will the relevant documents if any.

Ideally, the one-on-one accomplishment meetings are supposed to be a platform for the employee to be proud of what they have done and voice these accomplishments to their manager. As such, the manager must be open to having these conversations and encourage the team members to come forward with their achievements. This will improve employee engagement and the working relationship between the manager and the employee.

You can also talk about the long-term goals, and the beauty is that the meetings can be done even for people working remotely. At Fellow, we love meetings and strive to make them coherent. Use our one-on-one accomplishment meeting template to touch base with your employees personally, giving them a chance to build trust while giving you status updates on their work.

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