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11 Best Daily Standup Tools & Software to Try in 2024

Check out these 11 must-try daily standup software tools to make your team’s daily standups even better this year!

By Brier Cook  •   February 28, 2023  •   6 min read

In today’s digital age, any tool that makes business processes more efficient is worth trying. 

A daily standup is a short business meeting that individual teams or departments hold daily. These meetings typically run between 5 to 15 minutes long and are often referred to as daily scrums. During these meetings, each teammate answers several short questions related to what they’re working on that day, what they did the day before, and if blockers are holding them back from progressing on tasks and projects. 

These meetings can be automated using daily standup software. Read on to learn about these tools, what to consider when choosing standup software, and 11 of the best daily standup tools on the market in 2023!

What is daily standup software? 

Daily standup software is any digital tool that helps make standup meetings more productive. Most software will allow your team to hold meetings asynchronously in a virtual environment and view notes as they become available. A great daily standup tool will help make the team aware of everyone’s current status quickly and clearly. 

What to consider when choosing a standup software 

Before selecting a standup software, consider your team’s goals and needs. Besides automating your standups, determine what features are important or would be nice to have. For example, if you find that your team gets distracted by background noises during standups, it may be important to select software that removes this noise. Or perhaps it’s more important to  have a tool to help with standup tracking and reporting. Regardless, ensure the tool you select can integrate with the video conferencing software you already use during remote meetings. Test the tool beforehand to make sure it’s user-friendly, and don’t forget to consider your team, department, or organization’s budget as well!

Host productive daily standups

A well-run standup can foster communication and collaboration by including an agenda the whole team can contribute to. Try using a tool like Fellow!

11 of the best daily standup software in 2024 



Fellow is a platform for teams to gather and have productive meetings and one-on-ones. Teams can also use Fellow to automate asynchronous stand-up meetings using calendar events, templates, reminders, and recaps. Create a recurring asynchronous calendar event with members of your team; select Fellow’s Effective Daily Stand-up Meeting Template or build your own; set a pre-meeting reminder by email, Slack, or MS Teams; and send an automated meeting recap once your meeting agenda is populated. With Fellow, you can build great meeting habits, take notes in real time, and foster accountability by assigning, organizing, and prioritizing all your meeting action items in one place.

Pricing: Starts at $7 per user per month

Learn more about Fellow’s plans



Range helps teams track goals and—you guessed it—run effective standups. With the tool, you and your teammates can communicate status updates without a video call to see how everyone is doing. The application adapts to asynchronous and real-time meetings so your team can send check-ins whenever needed. You can also use Range to keep track of your team’s goals and keep work organized. 


  • Free—$0/month
  • Pro—$8/month (per user)
  • Enterprise—custom pricing

3Status Hero


Status Hero aims to be mission control for remote teams. Employees can use Status Hero to connect their distributed teams to their work and each other with live dashboards, real-time data, and daily check-in tools. The standup management platform offers a variety of features including integrations with popular project management tools and insights on participation, goals, blocks, and team mood on one dashboard. 


  • Basic—$3/month (per user when billed annually)
  • Pro—$5/month (per user when billed annually)
  • Corporate—$7/month (per user when billed annually)
  • Enterprise—custom pricing for teams of 25 or more
Status Hero



Standuply is an agile development assistant that connects teams with company Q&As (questions and answers) and experts providing knowledge insights to save everyone time. The tool aims to automate agile processes through surveys in Slack and MS Teams. Once teammates answer questions, Standuply saves answers and connects employees with internal subject matter experts. 


  • Starter—$0/month
  • Team—$1.50/month (per user)
  • Business—$3.50/month (per user)
  • Enterprise—custom pricing



ClickUp is a productivity platform that offers notes, reminders, goals, calendars, a scheduling function, and more. It aims to replace other popular tools like Asana, Monday, and Jira with its array of features. The tool also offers many templates, including a daily standup meeting template to aid team coordination, speed up the team feedback loop, and keep projects on track. 


  • Free—$0/month
  • Unlimited—$5/month (per member)
  • Business—$12/month (per member)
  • Business Plus—$19/month (per member)
  • Enterprise—custom pricing



Tatsu is a tool for hosting standups in Slack. The app’s easy-to-use interface allows teams to start a standup by notifying the channel that the meeting is beginning and then by calling on the first participant. Managers can skip participants and move on until the rotation is complete. The dismiss feature will skip a participant for the day which is useful for those who are sick or on vacation. 


  • $1/month (per participant)



DailyBot is a chat and collaboration tool that wants to help you take your daily standups and team check-ins to the next level. The platform’s chatbot integrates with Slack, MS Teams, G Chat, and Discord to help run agile daily standups or scrums and track what your team is up to. DailyBot’s chatbot connects with team members to get updates and then shares reports automatically in chat or email. 


  • Free—$0/month
  • Basic—$2.50/month (per user when billed annually)
  • Standard—$4/month (per user when billed annually)
  • Enterprise—custom pricing



Polly integrates with tools like Slack to capture instant feedback from teams. Users can send surveys called “pollys” to capture instant feedback and meaningful suggestions for teammates or answers to daily standup questions. The tool offers different question options like multiple choice and rating scales for close-ended questions. For quicker replies, you can send direct messages within Slack channels. 


  • Free—$0/month
  • Standard—$49/month
  • Pro—$24/month
  • Enterprise—custom pricing starting from $499/month



Geekbot is specifically meant to run standup meetings in MS Teams and Slack. Using the tool, you can turn routine team updates into automated reports to save time. Team leaders can set the time and frequency of standups and the questions to ask, and determine who should receive a prompt. Then, teammates can watch as Geekbot posts responses in your MS Teams feeds and Slack channels. The best part is that Geekbot works according to each user’s location, so it’s effective for remote teams working across time zones. 


  • Start-up—$0/month (for up to 10 participants)
  • Scale-up—$2.50/month (per participant)
  • Enterprise—custom pricing



Use Jell to automate your daily standups in Slack and MS Teams. Choose any combination of days to customize your standup schedule and draft straightforward questions in text, list, multiple choice, or number styles that your team can easily answer. Get your team on board by having them integrate this standup facilitation software with your organization’s platform of choice. Standup attendees will receive timely reminders to participate and, with enough use, will be completing projects faster than ever before!


  • Starter—$4/month (per user)
  • Plus—$8/month (per user)
  • Enterprise—custom pricing



Krisp uses AI technology that removes background voices, noises, and echoes from your calls so you can run distraction-free standups! It magically cancels the voices of people near you so you never have to worry about family members or pesky pets making noises in the background that make their way into your call. Krisp acts as a smart layer between your device and online communication solutions. When used in tandem with one or more of our previously listed standup agile standup softwares, it can make all the difference in your team’s overall productivity. 


  • Free—$0/month
  • Pro—$8/month (per seat)
  • Business—$10/month (per seat)
  • Enterprise—custom pricing

Free daily standup template

Try this agenda template for your next daily standup! Team members just need to write in their answers below each heading, and your standup agenda is all ready to go. 

Parting advice 

If your team’s daily scrums are feeling a bit stale, it may be time to level up your meetings with a daily standup software. Say goodbye to repetitive reporting and hello to automated processes using apps you already use and love. Try out one of our 11 recommended standup tools today to keep everyone in the loop, share meaningful feedback, and move projects forward.

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