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The 11 Best Google Meet Chrome Extensions You Need in 2024

Tailor the video conferencing platform’s look and functionality to meet your team’s needs with these extensions.

By Brier Cook  •   May 19, 2023  •   6 min read

Long gone are the days of running from boardroom to boardroom, trying to make it to your next meeting on time while doing everything in your power to avoid dropping the paperwork in your hands and spilling your coffee on your way up the elevator. Let’s face it: you don’t miss those times and we don’t either.

The silver lining of these past few chaotic years is that companies have had to embrace digital tools that make our lives easier. It’s been a while since video conferencing software has become the norm. Now that you’re used to virtual meetings, why not make them even better with tools you’re already using? If Google Meet is your company’s video conferencing platform of choice, you’re in luck! The platform has a variety of extensions that can enhance your next meeting and make your work more efficient. 

What are the benefits of Google Meet extensions? 

Google Meet has become a popular choice for remote employees due to its competitive array of features. With extensions, you can take your video calls to the next level by customizing the experience to meet your team’s needs. Whether you’re looking to change the look, feel, or functionality of the platform, there’s always an easy-to-add feature that can alter how the app behaves. Let’s take a look at some of our favourite extensions that you can use to impress your colleagues today.

Run delightful meetings

Increase meeting engagement and productivity with a collaborative agenda that the whole team can contribute to. Try using a tool like Fellow! 


11 of the best Google Meet extensions 

1 Fellow


Bring Fellow meeting agendas and notes into your next call using our extension for Google Meet. Don’t spend more time juggling browser windows than connecting with your teammates. Collaborate with our customizable overlay that brings your agenda right into the virtual meeting. Individuals can collaborate on the same set of notes and document decisions in real time. You can even join the call directly from your meeting agenda if you’d like, and you can calculate the cost of your meetings with Fellow’s built-in meeting cost calculator as part of Fellow’s new Meeting Guidelines. It estimates the cost of your meeting directly in Google Calendar, so you can right-size every meeting. It wouldn’t be a productive Google Meet call without your friendly Fellow extension! 

Pricing: Starts at $7 per user per month

Learn more about Fellow’s plans

2 Fireflies.ai


Fireflies.ai is an extension that joins your virtual call as a meeting participant to record, transcribe, and take notes for your team. As an AI assistant for your meetings, the tool aims to automate time-consuming processes. Search an hour-long call in a few short minutes for key highlights, add comments to specific parts of calls to collaborate on items discussed, and skim transcripts after uploading your live meeting or audio files. 


  • Free – $0/month
  • Pro – $10/month (per user when billed annually or $18 monthly)
  • Business – $19/month (per user when billed annually or $29 monthly)
  • Enterprise – custom pricing (annual only)

3 TurboMeet 


TurboMeet is an extension that adds productivity quirks, features, and automations to enhance your Google Meet calls. Some extension features include: automatically enabling captions on calls, bypassing the intermediary screen to join meetings directly, ending calls using keyboard shortcuts without having to awkwardly search for the “end call” button, and pressing keys to talk without constantly having to unmute yourself. The tool is always expanding its set of features to help you have more effective meetings. 


  • Free – $0/month

4 Google Meet Grid View 


Wouldn’t you love to see all of your colleagues during that next team meeting? Google Meet Grid View is a free extension that gives all participants an equal-sized video without pinning the primary speaker. The extension adds a button to the top right bar of the platform next to the chat and participant list. The grid view can enhance your meeting by highlighting who’s speaking and hiding participants who choose to keep their video off during the meeting, making it ideal for your next group brainstorming session!


  • Free – $0/month
Google Meet Grid View

5 Dualless


Affectionately considered “a poor man’s dual monitor solution,” Dualless simulates a dual monitor by splitting your browser window into two. This free feature can be beneficial when you need to take notes on your laptop, phone, or single monitor desktop device during a virtual meeting, but also want to view the participants. Adjust the ratio to your liking and merge splitted browser windows back to a single window once you’re finished. Not having a tool to work in two tabs simultaneously may be the only thing holding you back from being #multitaskinggoals. 


  • Free – $0/month

6 Google Meet Enhancement Suite 


Google Meet Enhancement Suite is a popular extension option for those looking to add additional functionality and features to their virtual meetings. For example, you can improve your meeting experience by muting all participants, changing the platform’s background colour, mirroring videos, auto-admitting attendees, and adding emojis. With Meet Basic, you’ll have access to features including quick leave, push-to-talk, auto-join, and more than a dozen others. With Meet Pro, you’ll also have access to 25 more features.


  • Basic – $0/month
  • Pro (Single License) – $4.60/month
  • Pro (Ten Licenses) – $38.60/month
  • Pro (Fifty Licenses) – $181.99/month
  • Unlimited Licenses – $341.25/month
Google Meet Enhancement Suite 

7 MeetInOne 


While MeetInOne offers some similar features to the Google Meet Enhancement Suite and TurboMeet extensions, it also has a handful of unique tools in its roster of 20+ features. In addition to push-to-talk, auto-join, and auto-mute, the extension provides a dark mode option, a meeting timer, meeting statistics, the ability to auto-admit or reject new participants, and it will soon have a meeting recording option. 


  • Free (four extension features) – $0/month
  • Premium Plan (12 extension features) – custom pricing
  • Enterprise (14 extension features) – custom pricing 

8 Google Meet Breakout Rooms 


The Google Meet Breakout Rooms extension was created for classrooms, but can also be useful for teams looking to have smaller discussions within large virtual meetings. It has five key features: the meeting organizer can always view all participants in each breakout room, the organizer is the only one who needs to install the extension to use it, the breakout room data is privately stored in your personal Google Chrome browser, there is an online help menu for setup and operation instructions, and the extension is completely free to use. 


  • Free – $0/month
Google Meet Breakout Rooms 

9 Call Timer for Google Meet


The Call Timer for Google Meet is simple but can keep you on track if you often go over your allotted meeting time. At the press of a button, the tool adds a stopwatch that you can move around your Google Meet screen. Keep an eye on the total amount of time you’ve been chatting with your teammates, time individual agenda items, or see the average length of time you spend discussing a topic. If you’re pressed for time and have to move through your agenda items quickly, this extension can be especially effective to keep you on track. 


  • Free – $0/month
Call Timer for Meet

10 Meet Attendance 


Collect meeting attendance in a Google Sheet with Meet Attendance. By selecting the participants view and capturing the attendance, you can compare your list of meeting invitees to attendees. This tool can help you keep track of which employees need to receive follow-up details and action items after important calls. Look back at your meeting attendance data to easily remember who was there for that exciting team-building activity. 


  • Free – $0/month
  • Premium – $2.50/month
Meet Attendance 

11Meet Plus


MeetPlus for Google Meet offers a host of enhancements to elevate your Google Meet experience. Whether you’re looking to get participant insights, need a quick way to take notes, or want to streamline your meeting flow, MeetPlus has got you covered. With a handy sidebar that provides direct access to critical features, you can effortlessly manage and make the most out of every meeting. Designed to integrate seamlessly with Google Meet, this extension promises to be an indispensable tool for anyone looking to optimize their virtual meeting experience.


  • Free-$0/month
  • Premium – $3.50/month

New extensions for efficient meetings

Now that you’re a pro at running seamless virtual meetings on Google Meet, try your hand at a few extensions to make your calls even more productive. Remember that although digital tools exist to make our lives easier and our work more efficient, there will always be a small learning curve each time you implement a new extension. Our advice: implement one extension per month and see how you like it. Don’t feel like you need to use every tool during each meeting; attempt to use a feature or two each time you’re on a call to see what works. Stick with extensions you like to create your own system of efficiency. Encourage your colleagues to do the same and soon you’ll have a team of digital gurus who are proficient beyond the Google Workspace Certification they have listed on their resumes. 

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