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8 Automatic Meeting Notes Tools to Save You Hours

Save time and energy by taking automatic meeting notes with an all-encompassing meeting management tool. See the top 8 tools here!

By Hannah Ross  •   February 1, 2024  •   7 min read

If you’ve been looking for a quick and easy way to save time and energy, transcribing and recording your meetings could be the answer. If you’re tired of taking meeting notes or notice your designated note-taker is struggling to keep up or engage in the conversation during meetings, it may be time to find an alternative. In this article, we’ll dive into the benefits of automatic meeting note taking in addition to covering the best-automated meeting notes tools

What are automatic meeting notes? 

Automatic meeting notes refer to the process of generating automated transcriptions and recordings, meaning your meetings are automatically recorded, transcribed or summarized and organized. These tools typically use natural language processing (NLP) technology to convert spoken word into written text, providing you with accurate records and a streamlined note-taking solution. In addition to providing you with automatic meeting notes, these tools often generate transcriptions that are formatted for readability, making your transcriptions easy to consume and circulate. As soon as your meeting notes are ready, you can circulate them among key stakeholders. Depending on which tool you choose, it may even send your meeting notes out for you!

Your meeting problem solved with automation

Say goodbye to disjointed AI tools. Fellow’s AI recording, transcription, and summaries are linked to every meeting and calendar so everything is in one place.

Benefits of automatic meeting notes 

1Encourage collaboration

Automatic meeting notes encourage collaboration by facilitating real-time communication and providing equal access to information. These tools tend to offer search and reference capabilities in addition to providing version control and history. This makes it easy for everyone involved to find and reference information.  Each of these features, along with integrations to project management tools, works together to facilitate the sharing of information and real-time collaboration.

2Save time

Automatic meeting tools can transcribe the meeting quickly and can process large volumes of content in a fraction of the time that it would take a human assigned to the same task. This frees up meeting participants to be more involved in the discussion, less distracted, and focused on using the meeting time efficiently. These automated recording, transcripts, and summaries also  reduce the chance of wasting time reiterating decisions and next steps after the meeting ends.

3Enhance accuracy

Human error is inevitable, especially when it comes to note-taking. It’s easy for the meeting notes to be missing key information because the note taker was distracted, there were too many people speaking at once, or something else. When every meeting participant is taking their own notes, this can become even worse with every attendee having a different record of what was discussed in the meeting. Meeting note-taking tools can help with an accurate transcript and summary of what was discussed. These tools also offer editing and review capabilities, meaning users can make edits and revisions when applicable. This ensures that any inaccuracies are addressed and corrected.

4Improve productivity

Taking notes manually during meetings can be time-consuming and distracting, often resulting in less engagement and lost time. If you don’t have to spend time taking meeting notes, editing the notes, and circulating the content, you’ll have the bandwidth to focus on the meeting. These tools free up meeting participants’ time and provide organized, searchable information, helping streamline more efficient meetings that lead to enhanced productivity.

8 top automatic meeting notes tools 


Fellow is an all-in-one AI meeting management platform that unifies your meeting notes, calendar events, action items and meeting transcriptions. Before the meeting starts, you can set-up automations such as the carry-forward of incomplete talking points, sending the meeting notes in advance, or even prompting participants to add to the agenda if there is none. 

When your meeting starts, the Fellow AI Meeting Copilot auto-joins and generates a transcript in 10 languages along with a summary highlighting the key points and breaking down the recording into digestible chapters. Your meeting recording, summary and transcript are embedded at the top of your meeting note, making it easy to access and review post meeting. After the meeting ends, Fellow can be configured to automatically send out post-meeting reminders via email, Slack, MS Teams, and more! 

Fellow is the only AI meeting tool that centralizes the entire meeting workflow (from preparation to follow-up) into one functional hub so that everything is in one place. Automations help set your meeting up for success without all the manual messaging, prompting, or following up. While integrations with over 50 productivity tools mean that tasks and statuses are up-to-date and only a click away.

Pricing: Starts at $7 per user per month

Learn more about Fellow’s plans

Rating and reviews: 4.7/5 on G2 with 1,985 reviews

2Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a derivative of the Microsoft 365 family of products and acts as an excellent internal communication tool. To take automatic meeting notes with Microsoft Teams, you will want to make sure your transcription settings are enabled. After enabling the proper settings, a tactic window will appear where you’ll see the real-time transcription upon joining the meeting.

Pricing: Free plan is available. If you require additional features and functions, there are a variety of plans that range in price up to $16 a month for the Microsoft 365 Business Standard package.

Rating and reviews:  4.3 /5 on G2 with 14,658 reviews


Temi is a personal assistant in robot form most commonly used to convert audio and video files into text. By leveraging automated speech-to-text algorithms, Temi is able to stitch text to your original audio and video files so they’re easy to search, edit, and share. To use Temi, simply upload your audio or video file, enter your email address, and check your email or Temi dashboard to access your transcript. You can then view or edit the transcript and download it in your preferred format. 

Pricing: While your first file with Temi is free, everything after that costs a flat rate of $0.25 per audio minute. There are no additional transcription or service fees. Learn more about Temi here

Rating and reviews  5/5 on G2 with 1 review

4Google Docs

Developed by Google, Google Drive is a file storage and sharing tool that streamlines the centralization of information. To capture the actual notes, users can use Google Docs, an online word processor, to create and collaborate on online documents in real-time. To take automatic meeting notes with Google Docs, you will want to select “Tools,” followed by “Voice Typing.” From there, you can begin your recording and start transcribing your audio. Google Docs also has a ‘Smart Compose’ feature that will suggest text to help you write faster. This can be enabled or disabled by visiting “Tools” then “Preferences” in any file. 

Pricing: While basic Google Drive storage and services are free, you may need to upgrade your storage for a fee as you scale. Click here to learn more about Google Cloud pricing.

Rating and reviews: 4.7/5 on Capterra with 28,089 reviews, G2 rating unavailable


Beenote is a meeting management tool that aims to improve the entire process of managing your meetings. With Beenote, you can organize and hold efficient meetings as well as follow up on tasks that are necessary to achieve your objectives. Similar to other tools on this list, Beenote also enables users to take automatic meeting notes. 

Pricing: Beenote offers flexible plans and pricing, encouraging users to build a plan that speaks to their needs. Prices start at $104 USD (annual invoice). Consider comparing plans and browsing packages before making a decision.

Ratings and reviews: 4.2/5 on G2 with 12 reviews


Superpowered is a tool that leverages AI to transcribe spoken content in real-time. Beyond transcription, Superpowered also offers insightful summaries, identifies key points, and can generate action items, enabling users to enhance productivity and focus during discussions.  

Pricing: Superpowered offers a free plan for a single user (AI Notes are not included). Paid plans start at $25 per month. Learn more about which plan may be best for you.

Rating and reviews: No reviews on Capterra or G2


7Anchor AI

Anchor AI eliminates the need for manual note-taking. Simply invite Anchor AI to your Zoom meeting, press record, and access your streamlined, annotated meeting notes. Anchor AI’s AI-powered automatic meeting notes tool will methodically capture every word so you and your teammates can be present, collaborate, and contribute to the conversation.

Pricing: Anchor AI is free to sign-up, while paid plans start at $15 per month.

Rating and reviews No reviews on Capterra or G2


If you’ve been looking for a quick and efficient way to transcribe your meetings, Otter may be for you. Otter is an AI meeting assistant app that leverages artificial intelligence to transcribe audio recordings into accurate transcripts. While predominantly used in meetings, Otter can also be used during interviews and lectures in addition to any scenario that captures audio, revolutionizing the way audio is captured, stored, and shared. 

Pricing: Limited free plan available, subscriptions start at $10/month (billed annually)

Rating and reviews: 4.2/5 on G2 with 172 reviews

Have you narrowed down your search? 

While there are options to automate meeting notes, Fellow is the only solution that not only automates your note taking with transcription, recording and summaries but also helps you better prepare, engage and follow up for every meeting.

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