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The Art of Meeting with Your Manager

Your guide to leveraging the power of one-on-one meetings to achieve career hyper-growth and feel confident at work. With a foreword by Julie Zhuo, author of The Making of a Manager.

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What’s inside this free guide

Foreword Julie Zhuo, author of The Making of a Manager.

Chapter 1 Why 1-on-1s with your manager are a game-changer for your career.

Chapter 2 5 Minute Check-up: Are you a one-on-one meeting novice, senior, or pro?

Chapter 3 5 Items for your one-on-one meeting agenda + tips to prepare like a pro.

Chapter 4 How to work smarter, not harder: the power of aligning priorities.

Chapter 5 How to follow through and show your manager that you’re dependable.

Chapter 6 FAQs about one-on-one meetings: what the world’s top leaders are doing.

Chapter 7 19 questions that will impress your manager and turbocharge your career.

Chapter 8 Feel nervous before one-on-ones? Avoid meeting anxiety with these tips.

Chapter 9 7 common mistakes to avoid in one-on-one meetings with your manager.

Chapter 10 What to do when it all goes wrong (because sometimes, it will).

Chapter 11 Skills and tools for career-boosting one-on-one meetings.

Special thank you to Keith Tatley of Manager Foundation for co-producing this guide with us. Connect with Keith on his website and connect with him on LinkedIn.