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Learn how to have great engineering 1:1s

Fellow is hosting a LIVE panel on October 6th with technical leaders from Github, Vidyard, HashiCorp and Nintex to discuss how to have great engineering 1:1s. Sign up today!

Master your engineering 1:1 meetings

1:1 meetings are one of the most powerful yet misunderstood meetings a leader can have with their direct report. On October 6th, Fellow is gathering technical leaders from all levels to share their best tips on what makes a successful 1:1 meeting. 

Sign up for our LIVE panel to learn about successful 1:1s for technical leaders.

Tune in for a live discussion on October 6, 2022, 1:00 ET

Featuring panelists from Github, Vidyard, HashiCorp, Fellow, and Nintex!

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Learn from experienced leaders 

This panel is for all engineering leaders and features panelists from all levels.

We’ll discuss everything from what should be covered in the first 1:1 meeting with a new report, to common mistakes, to what the meeting agenda should include.

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    Connect with your direct reports

    Meetings don’t need to be a draining activity. When done correctly, 1:1 meetings can be something to look forward to. 

    At Fellow, we see 1:1s as an opportunity to build a relationship with your report, while coaching, providing feedback, and helping them advance in their career. Register for the panel to learn how other technical leaders benefit from 1:1.

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      Get tactical advice

      Leave the panel with actionable tips from industry experts  to implement in your next 1:1 meeting!

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      Ready to learn how technical leaders structure their 1:1s for more impactful meetings? 

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