Fellow + ZenDesk

Build a single source of truth for customer tickets and action items

Stay on top of customer issues by syncing the tickets from your customer meeting notes in Fellow with their ZenDesk customer profile. 

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Easily document customer issues during your calls

While on a customer call, you might encounter a customer issue that needs addressing. Don’t risk a poor customer experience by having these issues get lost in the shuffle!

Connect Fellow and ZenDesk and turn meeting action items into ZenDesk tickets. All you’ll need to do is jot down action items during your meeting and magically the issue will be documented in ZenDesk.

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Add tickets directly to your team meeting agenda

When you’re swamped with tickets, it can be hard to find the time to update your team meeting agenda with recurring and long-standing issues to review.

Automatically add ZenDesk tickets to your agendas by connecting Fellow and ZenDesk via Zapier. This will ensure that your agenda is up to date, without requiring you to manually add the information.

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How to connect Fellow and ZenDesk

You’ll need to use Zapier to link both tools. 

To set-up this connection, follow these steps:

1. Login to Zapier
2. Click Create a Zap
3. Select an App and Event. Depending on the way you want your action items to go, select Fellow or ZenDesk.
4. Continue building your Zap

Then watch the sync begin!

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What is ZenDesk?

Zendesk is a cloud-based help desk management solution that includes capabilities for creating a customer service portal, knowledge base, and online communities.

A configurable front-end portal, live chat capabilities, and connectivity with Salesforce and Google Analytics are all included in the package.

  • “Fellow solves three key problems around running meetings. First, creating the agenda. Then, with the ability to take notes, meeting management becomes much simpler. And finally, tracking the action items that come out of every meeting. Having everything in Fellow means we can track it and follow up on it.”

    Mychelle Mollot

    Chief Marketing Officer

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