Fellow + Microsoft 365

Efficiently manage your Fellow workspace

Maintain an up to date list of users on your Fellow workspace by syncing your Microsoft 365 Directory to automatically add or remove users and update user’s managers.

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Automatically provision and deprovision users

As employees come and go, it can be frustrating to have to update all your tools with new user lists. 

Cross off multiple tools with one go, by syncing your Microsoft 365 directly with your Fellow workspace. This will make sure that your Manage Users section is up to date, new users receive invites, and old users are deactivated.

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    Ensure that teams are set-up

    Having managers set in Fellow helps your team unlock all the benefits of Fellow such as suggested topics, 1-on-1 reminder, and 360 feedback. But if teams are constantly changing, this can be challenging. 

    Keep it simple by selecting “sync managerial relationships” in Workspace Settings. This means that once managers are added in the workspace directory this change is reflected in Fellow. Easy Peasy

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      How to connect Fellow and Microsoft 365

      Note: you will need to be a Fellow workspace admin

      Visit Workspace Settings Integrations and connect your Microsoft 365 directory. 

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        What is Microsoft 365?

        Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based productivity suite that enables you to pursue your passion while also running your business.

        Microsoft 365 is more than just Word, Excel, and PowerPoint; it combines productivity tools with powerful cloud services, device management, and sophisticated security in one seamless experience.

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            Mychelle Mollot

            Chief Marketing Officer

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