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Sync your action items and tasks across meetings, todo lists, and boards by connecting Fellow with monday.com.

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Automatically keep todo lists in sync

When your daily workflow involves a lot of different tools, it can be time consuming to keep everything up to date and in sync.

If this workflow involves using Fellow for your meeting needs and Monday for project management, simplify the process by connecting the two! Action items assigned during meetings will be automatically added to your Monday boards. No manual entry necessary.

The best part? Checking off the task in one place will automatically check it off in the other.

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    Enhance cross-functional collab

    It’s no secret that different teams have their own systems for project management. This isn’t a problem when teams work independently, but when teams collaborate cross-functionally it can be a nightmare to keep everyone on the same page with the task lists.

    Discuss next steps during your meeting, write those down in Fellow, and have those tasks automatically synced to your team’s favourite tool, monday.com.

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      How to connect Fellow and monday.com

      To set-up this connection, follow these steps:
      1. Visit User Settings and click on Integrations
      2. Click on the monday.com card
      3. Select Install
      4. Follow the prompts and login to your monday.com workspace.

      Then watch the sync begin!

        What is monday.com?

        monday.com is a customizable and collaborative online work operating system.

        Teams are empowered to run their projects and workflows in a way that works for them. monday.com can be used for project management, as a CRM, to track bugs, etc. 

          • “Fellow solves three key problems around running meetings. First, creating the agenda. Then, with the ability to take notes, meeting management becomes much simpler. And finally, tracking the action items that come out of every meeting. Having everything in Fellow means we can track it and follow up on it.”

            Mychelle Mollot

            Chief Marketing Officer

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