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Use Fellow’s Android app to prepare meeting agendas, create to-do lists and exchange feedback from the comfort of your mobile phone – anywhere, anytime.

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Prepare for meetings on the go

Somedays, you might spend most of your workday away from your computer. This can make it hard to stay connected and up to date with meeting agendas, action items, and decisions. 

With Fellow’s Android app, you’ll be able to take your work on the go – prepare for upcoming meetings, review meeting notes, and create action items wherever you are. The best part is that these notes are not lost or forgotten.

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Know when your team completes tasks

There are often many things to keep track of, including whether or not your team members are making progress on their todo lists. 

With Fellow’s Android app, there’s no need to ask for constant status updates. Instead, you’ll receive push notifications when your team completes an action item. Letting you know in an instant that your team is working hard and staying connected.

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Pro Tip

Walking 1-on-1s have been shown to boost creativity and facilitate collaboration. So try hosting your next 1-on-1 as a walking 1-on-1. 

How to install

Visit User Settings –> Integrations in Fellow.

Or find Fellow in the Google Play Store

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  • “Fellow solves three key problems around running meetings. First, creating the agenda. Then, with the ability to take notes, meeting management becomes much simpler. And finally, tracking the action items that come out of every meeting. Having everything in Fellow means we can track it and follow up on it.

    Mychelle Mollot

    Chief Marketing Officer

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