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VP of Operations promotes the use of Fellow to help build a repeatable, consistent system for meetings 

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The Customer

Meet Patricio Pace

VP of Operations at Pliancy


Computer and Network Security


Palo Alto,

Use Case

Creating a repeatable and consistent process for meetings

“As we do trainings, encounter a new way of doing things, or think through a process and try to improve it, embedding that into Fellow helps us spread that culture and a standard way of doing things.”

Pliancy is a tech-enabled professional services company that offers IT solutions to bold, emerging companies. The organization helps companies streamline their use of technology by offering services such as file and identity management, security, and reporting. 

Patricio Pace is Pliancy’s VP of Operations. He oversees business operations and internal information technology. He also collaborates with other stakeholders at Pliancy to identify inefficiencies and scale systems within the company. Patricio’s main focus is building repeatable, consistent systems and teams that deliver results.

Patricio has been with Pliancy since 2016, when there were only seven employees. Since then, the company has grown significantly. He currently manages a high-performing group of four employees, but at one time, he was overseeing nearly 100 individuals.

Before Fellow, Patricio shared with us that his team at Pliancy was struggling to communicate effectively while experiencing such rapid growth.  

Let’s take a look at how Fellow has helped Patricio streamline operations at Pliancy.


The challenge: Standardizing communication as teams grow

If you want a business to succeed, you must streamline your communication processes. Doing so will improve your business output, increase sales, and can even increase employee satisfaction and retention!

Patricio noticed that the company was having a hard time communicating effectively when the team grew to about 30 people in 2019. Patricio and his colleagues were relying on Google Docs to take meeting notes but knew that the tool wasn’t a sustainable long-term option if they wanted to keep organized. 

“Communication is way harder than you think, and as we started to grow, no one knew what was going on anymore. So we were trying to standardize some of our practices and this included meetings. When one-on-ones and team meetings started to ramp up, it was obvious that Google docs was not sustainable, and we had to be much more intentional about meetings. That’s when we started to look for a meeting solution like Fellow, and it really checked all the boxes for us.” 

When Patricio and his team started using Fellow, they also began using meeting agendas to build great meeting habits. You know what they say: no agenda, no attenda. 

“We attended a lot of meetings without agendas (before Fellow), and they weren’t as productive as they could have been.”

After implementing Fellow, Pliancy brought in Asana for all their project management needs, and Fellow’s integration between the two made it easy for Patricio and his team to capture action items and have them sync automatically to their projects in Asana. 

“I love the fact that it automatically syncs to the account. We create agenda talking points and collect action items, and we’ve synced it with Asana so that it all flows through, which works much better for us.”

Additionally, using Fellow made the Pliancy team more intentional about their meeting practices. Using collaborative meeting agendas, the team could begin determining if each recurring meeting in their calendars was necessary.  

“My goal with Fellow was actually to reduce the number of meetings we have to have. I believe in a good blend of asynchronous and live (in-person) work.”

“You can see if the meeting even has a purpose. I’m a big fan of going and seeing if there’s an agenda. If there isn’t, I can ping the person like, “Hey, are we still having this meeting? Can you put an agenda in?” And oftentimes they’ll say, “You know what, we don’t really need to meet”. 

With consistent use, Plliancy’s fast-growing team was able to reclaim lost time and focus on what matters. 


The solution: Creating a standard for meetings and communication

Asynchronous work allows employees to maximize their productivity without waiting for others to complete tasks! It’s an essential practice for remote and hybrid companies with employees that work across time zones.

Pliancy has used Fellow to adapt to asynchronous work with ease as a team with employees across the United States. Pliancy employees can work smarter by reviewing notes, taking a look at relevant links, and getting familiar with supporting documents before the meeting begins. 

“You want to make sure everyone feels prepared for the meetings so it’s not a waste of time and doesn’t feel as painful.”

Patricio himself is a fan of jotting things down and collaborating in writing, which he is now able to do with collaborative meeting notes in Fellow. He is also able to set up recurring meetings for himself every morning that help him get organized for his day. 

“Every morning the first thing I open is Fellow. I look at all the meetings I have for the day and I’ll click into each one to see if there’s an agenda. I also ask myself: Do we need to meet? Who owns this? Can we put it in an agenda? I get more in sync with what my day is gonna look like to mentally prepare for it. I review any notes that have been put in so I can now start thinking through the talking points and reviewing any associated materials”

When we asked about his favourite Fellow features, Patricio was quick to mention our array of templates. We’ve distilled everything you need to know about meetings in ready-to-use templates so that you don’t have to start from scratch. You can even create your own templates to suit your team’s needs. 

“Creating templates that others can use as a gold standard or as a great starting point prevents people from having to reinvent the wheel or figure it out for the first time themselves.”

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The results

With access to Fellow’s tools and templates, Pliancy can make sure their work across the company is consistent.

“As we do trainings, encounter a new way of doing things, or think through a process and try to improve it, embedding that into Fellow helps us spread that culture and a standard way of doing things.”

Fellow has helped Patricio and his team commit to more structured meetings too!

“We’re often done with our meetings within that one-hour timeframe. Sometimes we finish early. So it definitely made a big impact.”

Meeting efficiency at Pliancy isn’t the only thing that has improved. In fact, the company’s leadership team was so encouraged by the new and improved meeting processes that they now have each person rate the quality of every meeting on a scale from one to 10. If a particular meeting receives a low rating, the group can improve it or change the structure moving forward.

Plus, Patricio and the team can now create systems that can help the company scale and team grow! 🙌

“Having that strict structure and capturing all the notes in there, and assigning responsibility for takeaways or action items has been really helpful.” 

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