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The Customer

Meet Samantha Wilson

 Implementation Manager at Briq


Financial Analytics Software


Santa Barbara, California

Use Case

Google docs

“After I completed the one-on-one training session with Lacey from Fellow, my team and I can now collaborate on the same meeting note, and everyone is using it heavily. I didn’t realize our previous process needed improvement until Fellow came along.” 

Briq helps construction companies run better businesses. They do so by modernizing their clients’ business practices with automated workflows, smart data-entry bots, and simplified financial processes for well-informed business decisions. 

Samantha and Ariel both work as Implementation Managers at Briq. They’re responsible for implementing their software into their clients’ business models to help them increase revenue. 

They told us that before Fellow, the company had difficulty sharing meeting notes and assigning tasks. Additionally, as Implementation Managers, Samantha and Ariel wanted a tool that would help prioritize the scalability of the company and the asynchronous communication processes. 

Let’s look at how Fellow’s onboarding processes helped Briq employees run more productive meetings. 


The challenge: Using Google Docs for meeting notes and action items

Before Fellow came into the picture at Briq, Samantha and Ariel explained that their meetings lacked structure. There were too many documents, and action items were getting lost over email.

“It wasn’t going well, and everyone was doing their own thing. The biggest constraint looking back was not being able to assign tasks or action items. We would just assign action items over email or in messages.” – Ariel 

Ariel Gonzales – Implementation Manager at Briq

When asked what tools the company was using before Fellow, Samantha replied:

“Gong was used for some meetings, and that was just more of a call recording and transcript tool, so our notes weren’t integrated into it. Outside of that, we used Google meeting notes, so on the calendar invitation, you can start a new note, and that created 100,000 different documents, and you wouldn’t have access to it unless they posted it somewhere. Even then, there were always permission issues. It put a lot of personal responsibility on the project manager to post the notes somewhere. But we didn’t have any process for meeting notes, so it was sort of the Wild West before Fellow, quite honestly.” 🤠

Samantha Wilson – Implementation Manager at Briq

The problem was company-wide. As managers on Briq’s implementation team, Samantha and Ariel saw their own team’s lack of structured meetings as an opportunity to test out a new tool that could make every employee’s job easier. 

When the Implementation team was introduced to Fellow, they saw how easily structure could be integrated into their team’s everyday processes. The word spread, and other departments at Briq began using Fellow too. 


The solution: Using Fellow’s training sessions to implement company-wide improvements

The most productive teams develop systems that allow them to spend less time stressing over the details and more time getting great results.

With the help of Fellow, newly organized meeting processes were making Samantha and Ariel’s work days more efficient!

“I thought, wow, this is exciting because I love anything that will make me work smarter, not harder.”

Samantha Wilson – Implementation Manager at Briq

Samantha and Ariel knew that with continued use, Briq could benefit greatly from Fellow. When one of Fellow’s Account Managers reached out to see if they wanted to participate in a training session, they saw it as a chance to implement some change within their organization.

“For me, having that walkthrough on an individual level to set up my integrations, set up the different streams, and learn about the fun things you can do with Fellow was a make or break for me having a good experience with the product or not.”

Samantha Wilson – Implementation Manager at Briq

After the call, Samantha told us that she began using Fellow for everything meeting-related. The 1-on-1 training session with the onboarding team at Fellow allowed Samantha to start using Fellow to the fullest, bringing its benefits with it. 

She made it clear to her teammates and other employees at Briq that Fellow was the best way to communicate and assign action items. In fact, she used Fellow so much that colleagues in other departments at Briq contacted her to conduct a training session on how to get the most use out of Fellow. 

“I conducted a training session just like Fellow’s Implementation Specialists had done with me, and I was able to get a bunch of people to use it. I’m a big Fellow cheerleader now!”

Samantha Wilson – Implementation Manager at Briq

After a one-on-one training session with Fellow’s onboarding team, Ariel and his team also began using the tool to its fullest capacity. 

“After I completed the one-on-one training session with Lacey from Fellow, my team and I can now collaborate on the same meeting note, and everyone is using it heavily. I didn’t realize our previous process needed improvement until Fellow came along.”

Ariel Gonzales – Implementation Manager at Briq

Both Samantha and Ariel also took advantage of Fellow’s masterclasses. With masterclasses, custom training is provided to fit each team’s unique workflow. This ensures that Fellow is helping you build good meeting habits to run efficient meetings every time. 

“The fact that Fellow offers Masterclasses and training sessions are huge because there is more usage now after those touchpoints.”

Ariel Gonzales – Implementation Manager at Briq

During his session, Ariel told us that he benefited from learning about the ability to customize your Fellow home screen and the use of templates.  

“Now that streams exist, I don’t know how anyone was doing work without them. Seeing all of your meeting notes in one space, configuring it once, and then it’s perfect forever.” 🤗

Samantha Wilson – Implementation Manager at Briq
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The results

As employees at Briq became comfortable navigating Fellow’s easy-to-use interface, meeting notes and action items became organized, and productivity soared.

“I like that Fellow prompts me to make notes for whatever it is on my calendar, even if it’s a focus time. And I think those are my big things.”

Samantha Wilson – Implementation Manager at Briq

When asked how meetings are run at Briq since implementing Fellow, Samantha explained that it has allowed her to stop fretting about the details before meetings. Instead of keeping a mental tab of everything that she needs to bring up with teammates, she can spend a few seconds each day adding miscellaneous notes to her meeting agendas. 

“I can shut off that part of my brain because I’ve put my thoughts on the agenda, and that takes a lot of stress off of me. It’s not just the ability to write something down. It’s done in an organized way where it won’t be forgotten about.”

Samantha Wilson – Implementation Manager at Briq

Everyone wins when communication processes are organized, and collaboration is prioritized during meetings! 🤩

“Fellow gives you the tools to do work instead of talk about work.”

Ariel Gonzales – Implementation Manager at Briq

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