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The Customer

Meet Jess Leonard

 Chief of Staff at Gamesight





Use Case

Get your teams organized quickly

The feedback was great right off the bat. And now, it’s something that a lot of the leadership team uses and have said they love Fellow and couldn’t live without it“.

Gamesight is a marketing platform for video game publishers to build community, engage influencers, and measure their digital marketing performance. The company offers integrated products, data insights, battle-tested experience, and a flexible platform model to help everyone from small Indie studios to AAA giants drive revenue for their games. 

Jess Leonard, Chief of Staff, works to ensure that all members of the Gamesight team have the resources needed to do their job well and have an excellent employee experience! This includes but isn’t limited to: creating thoughtful onboarding routines, developing meaningful engagement opportunities, initiating learning and development processes and assisting the leadership team. 

Jess was in need of a tool that would help keep hiring processes, organizational structure, and training materials organized as the company grew. 

Let’s review how Jess and her team used Fellow to refine Gamesight’s internal processes. 


The challenge: Disorganized meeting notes in Google Docs

Meeting notes help you remember important details and information so that you can complete your assigned action items and make strides towards your goals. They’re also a useful accountability tool for employees and managers alike!

Before Fellow, Gamesight employees used Google Docs to take notes during meetings. Jess told us that it was challenging to keep track of who had access to notes and that her team often struggled to organize and store their documents. She knew that Google Docs wasn’t making their internal communications any smoother and that it was time to switch to an alternative. 

When I joined, they were taking notes in Google Docs, which was not ideal. I would think to myself, how can I stop having to manage these Google Docs?”

When Jess came across Fellow, the Gamesight team was experiencing many firsts. Gamesight had around 10 new hires join the team, and they needed to get organized fast. Jess tested different products and wasn’t happy with what the other tools had to offer. 

The other tools were less intuitive than Fellow and were trying to do too much, whereas Fellow was specific for agendas, meeting notes, and one on ones. Fellow was really honing in on those key meeting features instead of trying to capture audiences that were looking for different things.”

What sold Jess on Fellow was that she knew it would make it easier for her team to run effective meetings. 

We wanted Fellow to create visibility into discussions and announcements, make it easier for people to come to meetings prepared, and catch up on meetings they missed.”


The solution: An intuitive tool to help manage meetings and internal processes

By the time Gamesight implemented Fellow, other employees were frustrated by their existing meeting processes, or lack thereof. Jess said that implementing Fellow was an effortless undertaking. 

Fellow is easy to learn and easy to use. I did one internal training call to review the nuts and bolts of how we were going to use the tool, and the feedback was great right off the bat. And now, it’s something that a lot of the leadership team uses and have said they love it and couldn’t live without it“.

I’ve demoed a lot of different products, and Fellow was the one that felt the most like it ticked all the boxes.”

When asked how Fellow has assisted Jess in her role as Chief of Staff, she said it has helped her tackle routine onboarding tasks and performance evaluations throughout the year. 

We have a lot of onboarding one-on-ones, and quarterly reviews, all of which are done in Fellow now. Fellow allows managers to share notes with me from those meetings without sharing access to all their one-on-one meeting notes. We really like being able to do this!”

Jess explained that her team couldn’t live without Fellow’s Slack integration, which makes it easy to send reminders out before meetings. Her team also enjoys how interactive the tool is! 

We really enjoy being able to leave reactions on talking points in the meetings. We’ll be doing an all-hands wrap-up and while someone’s running through their list of talking points, everyone’s just like, “🔥, 💰, ❤️”. It makes it feel more interactive and people are more engaged in celebrating one another’s successes!” 

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The results

They say a good system shortens the road to the goal.

Jess had hoped Fellow would help her team be more prepared for meetings, and it did just that. With newfound organization, Gamesight employees are now able to bring their best selves to every meeting. 

We hoped to be able to have people prepared for meetings and to come in with an agenda. You know, sometimes someone will say, where are you seeing this? And they respond with, “It’s in Fellow, why are you not looking at Fellow!?” 😄

Plus, Fellow’s variety of meeting agenda templates and other user-friendly features like Streams have helped the team stay on task and improve their workflow. With Fellow, Jess can review everything from to-do lists to team OKRs

Having all the templates for standing meetings, it just creates a real clockwork vibe. Scrolling back in time through the streams is really amazing. Seeing what we talked about last week, the week before. If people are out-of-office, they can scroll back and see what they missed really easily. We also use the Monday integration to send our action items to different boards. So, it’s helpful in so many ways.”

As a result of Fellow, Jess and her team are more productive than ever. With organized meetings, there are fewer opportunities to waste time and more room for collaboration. 

We absolutely save time, we stay on track more and there’s a lot less shenanigans.” 👏

When asked about how Gamesight’s meeting culture has changed since implementing Fellow, Jess said: 

It just creates so much more visibility into who’s doing what and when they said it would be done. Having people show up and know exactly what we’re going to talk about, its hard to put a price on that.”

While other project management tools have been known to scare other Chiefs of Staff or Heads of Operations away because of their steep learning curves, Fellow keeps things cool. 😎

I always talk to people in similar positions and they feel like something is missing, something easy for people to use. They don’t want to adopt a Notion or JIRA because those tools scare people. Fellow doesn’t have that heaviness to it. It’s light, and it’s easy. And that’s the value you’ll get from it.

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