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COO introduces Fellow to make productive meetings a part of the organizations culture

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The Customer

Meet Josh Andrews

Chief Operating Officer at Spare




British Columbia

Use Case

Instill great meeting habits within the organization

We think about meetings now as a tool to reach our desired outcome, rather than something that just exists during the day. It’s been helpful, and created a mindset shift for people that are having meetings.

Spare is a mobility management platform that empowers transportation companies to run seamless services for riders. The company aims to connect communities in four continents to inclusive and efficient mobility services. They offer a number of products that help companies do everything from running fully-automated, on-demand transportation networks to leveraging big data for operational insights. 

Josh Andrews, Chief Operating Officer (COO), is responsible for measuring employee happiness and efficiency, recruiting talent onto the team, and assessing how well the company’s products are meeting the needs of customers. 

Josh explained that Spare was looking for a performance management tool to level up their meetings and internal processes.

Let’s take a look at how Spare used Fellow to streamline internal communication processes and make meetings productive!


The challenge: Finding a feedback tool that worked

Giving regular positive and constructed feedback is important because it enables teams to work more effectively towards their goals.

Before Fellow, Josh knew how important it was to build a culture of continuous feedback within the company. He explained that his vision for Spare was to train everyone on how to use feedback in a meaningful way, but quickly realized it wouldn’t be as simple as he thought. 

Feedback doesn’t necessarily just happen, you need to kind of prompt it and build a culture around it.

Spare had previously used digital workspaces like Notion to manage projects but found the platform too complicated to manage meeting agendas.

In a remote world, there’s a strong need to make sure that meetings are effective. Ineffective meetings are even worse in a remote world… And meetings are already tiring.

The team also wanted to implement a performance management tool. Josh was the first to sign-up for Fellow to see if it could be a good replacement for a few existing tools and thought it was worth trying out. 

I noticed it (Fellow) was an interesting product at that point, and started trying it, and then it spread very organically.

What helped Spare make the switch to Fellow was its feedback functionality and, more importantly, the fact that it would help meeting productivity at the company, a problem that Josh wanted to be proactive about.


The solution: Using Fellow to change internal processes

When Josh began using Fellow, he was surprised at how straightforward it was to use. He realized that once the tool was there, others were quickly picking up on the benefits of using it too. When we asked Josh about how the Spare team adjusted to Fellow initially, he responded:

Fellow was pretty easy to implement and the tool spreads very organically within the organization. When one person uses it, and then another person uses it, you want everyone to start collaborating in Fellow as you’re taking meeting notes. It’s a natural spread within the organization.

The results spoke for themselves. Once Spare employees saw their colleagues benefit from Fellow’s collaborative meeting agendas, it was easy for everyone to get on board. Meetings at Spare started to become more productive too! 🤩

Fellow brings the barrier to having great meetings down by having built in reminders and extensions, making it really easy to drive effective meetings. With Fellow, it’s somewhat expected that you’ll have effective meetings.

The most precious resource you have is your time! If you want your company to have high employee engagement, start with great meetings. Josh uses Fellow’s ready-to-use templates to optimize meeting productivity.

Fellow’s templates help with the process of building better meetings and then as we learn what works, we can iterate on our meeting agendas.

When asked about behaviour changes within the company, Josh gave credit to Fellow’s array of meeting templates that can add structure to any type of meeting.

I think that there is quite a bit that Fellow is doing to naturally drive more thoughtful meetings. Fellow templates help with the process of building better meetings and then as we learn what works, we can iterate on our meeting agendas.

The benefits didn’t stop at meeting templates. Another feature that has helped Josh and his team stay organized is Fellow’s Chrome extension. ✨

Fellow makes it easy for everyone to avoid pre-meeting chaos and distractions by bringing everything into one place. You can access your meeting agendas directly from your video conferencing tools and email calendar, making it simple for everyone at the company to start using Fellow for their meetings.

What’s amazing about Fellow is the Chrome extension. We encourage our entire team to get the Chrome extension and have it pop up into every meeting automatically. I think it just makes it so easy.

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The results

Fellow made it easier for Josh and the team at Spare to structure meetings, give and receive feedback, and achieve company milestones! 

Meetings are so much more than a time to discuss deliverables and progress. When done correctly, they can help everyone feel included in decisions and give each person the opportunity to contribute to the success of the company. A great meeting also establishes alignment on complex issues and enables groups to work towards their objectives. 

Fellow helps remind people to set agendas and structure meetings in a way that’s effective.

Simply put, Fellow helped Spare get back to the basics. With a habit of structured meetings, an outlet to provide and receive feedback, and newly implemented internal processes, the team is ready to help you easily launch, manage, and integrate your transportation system.

We think about meetings now as a tool to reach our desired outcome, rather than something that just exists during the day. It’s been helpful, and created a mindset shift for people that are having meetings.

Lastly, we asked Josh what he would say to another COO who’s looking to adopt Fellow at their company.

Give it a try. We have gained quite a bit from using it and organizing our days better. Fellow encourages good behaviour and good habits when managing meetings. So overall, it’s been a very positive experience for us.

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