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Introducing Fellow 2.1 –Chrome Extension, In-Line Images, and Calendar Events

Bring Fellow into your video calls with the Google Chrome Extension, add images and gifs to your meeting notes, and create new calendar events without leaving Fellow.

Fellow 2.1

Over the past few months, we’ve been working hard on enhancing existing features and adding some new ones. And we’re excited to share them with you! (it’s almost like the holidays have come early) 🎁

Introducing Fellow 2.1!

If you want to see these features in action, click below to watch our launch event where we demo some of our latest features.. 

Add Images and Gifs to your Meeting Notes

Sometimes meeting notes need to have more than just text. Now Fellow gives you the option to add one or more images, gifs, or videos right into the note. This might be a graph, a diagram, or just a reaction gif – whatever works!

See the Fellow Note During Your Video Call with our Google Chrome Extension

Make remote meetings even easier with our brand new browser extensions – available for Google Chrome & Firefox. Once installed, anytime you join a Google Meet call that has an associated note on Fellow, the note will automagically pop up for you. Gone are the days of juggling windows! It’s collapsible, moveable, and resizable, so feel free to move it around until you find the right spot. Pro Tip: open up the chat pane and move the note into there. 

Stylize Your Notes with Highlight and Font Colors 

Your meeting note doesn’t have to just be text and talking points. Now you can color code with different highlight and font colors. Plus it’s now even easier to change a point from an action item to a talking point to a bullet, and vice versa. 

Create New Calendar Events Without Leaving Fellow

Schedule new events without leaving Fellow! For example, if you decide that you need a follow-up meeting, you can quickly schedule it without having to leave your meeting note. 

Seamlessly Meet With People Outside Your Organization

Guest Users were a part of Fellow 2.0, but we’ve listened to your feedback and have made the Guest User experience even better!

That’s it for now – but we are always working on new features. Let us know what you think of these ones or what you’d like us to add next! 

👋 Mikaela

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