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Introducing Fellow 2.0 – Guest Users, Integrations, and More

Meet and collaborate with people outside of your organization, create suggested topics for teams to review, and connect your favourite apps with Fellow.

Fellow Meeting App Update

In this product announcement we have features, features, and more features. (It’s almost like we’re Oprah and everyone is getting a feature).

And sort of like Oprah, we hosted a live event where our Heads of Marketing and Design, along with our CEO, unveiled a framework to make your meetings more productive, discussed design principles, and demoed some of these new features. (Hint: they are some of our most requested features 😀 ). If you missed out on the excitement, here is a recording of the event:

Below is a summary of what’s new in Fellow. Sorry if the article is long, but there are just so many new things!

1 Guest Users

→ Meet and collaborate with people outside of your organization with Guest Users

When you meet with people external to your organization (like customers, consultants, investors, etc.), you’ll be able to share the note stream with them so that they can edit content, get assigned action items, and add talking points. (Here is a full article about what they can see/do)

2 Employee Guidance

→ Create suggested topics for teams to review, add and discuss during upcoming one-on-one meetings.

Employee guidance is a great mechanism to share/encourage ideas about what to talk about it 1-on-1s. This might be something like Mental Health month, or maybe their thoughts on a new company-wide initiative or anything else.

3 Integrations

→ Link your action items with Jira Issues

With our Jira Integration, you can create, import, and manage Jira issues from Fellow. And this 2-way sync can keep you up to date and on track.

→ Connect your favourite apps and automate your workflow using our Zapier integration

With Fellow’s Zapier integration, you can push action items to your favourite apps and pull in talking points action items, and meeting notes from thousands of applications including Trello, Airtable, Discord, Todoist, Twilio, Evernote and more!

→ Sync your action items with Asana

The Asana integration helps you streamline the heavy lifting when managing tasks between platforms. When action items are created and updated, the identical item will be created in Asana.

→ Hop on a video call directly from Fellow

Fellow surfaces video links from your calendar event descriptions and puts them directly in the meeting agenda. All you have to do is click the video conferencing button which will open the call in a new window.

→ Export a stream to Google Docs

Save the entire contents of a stream as a Google Doc where you’ll have the option to save as a PDF and/or print.

4 Desktop App

→ Access Fellow in a more convenient way directly on your desktop

Fellow now has a Desktop App currently available for macOS (soon to be Windows)

5 UX Improvements

→ See who has viewed the meeting notes with presence indicators

It’s a simple way for teams (especially remote) to know who’s viewing the meeting agenda, who’s prepared/reviewed the notes, and lets you know when everyone is ready to go.

→Move between meetings effortlessly with Infinite Scroll

Scroll through your agenda and jump from meeting to meeting, even if they are weeks apart.

→ Jazz up your notes by adding in Emojis

Emojis seem to make everything seem more fun. All you have to do is type a colon (:) followed by a description of what you would like to add (ex. :smile)

→ Customize your notifications

The expanded notification section provides you the flexibility to choose how you would like to be notified and when

In Other News

And we have a brand new website where you can check out our Supermanagers podcast, read our blog, and preview some agenda templates.

I think that’s a good overview – I’ve linked relevant help articles if you are interested in specifics.

And if you have any questions, we’re always happy to help

And fun fact – I wrote a blog post about how I use Fellow (if you are curious).

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