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12 Chrome Extensions for Productive Meetings

Learn how Chrome extensions can help your meetings and improve meeting efficiency and engagement with these 12 chrome extensions!

By Alexandria Hewko  •   August 9, 2022  •   7 min read

Wouldn’t it be cool if our video conferencing applications did more than just show our faces and voices to simulate an enhanced phone call? What if we could take virtual meetings one step further to truly mimic in-person capabilities and automate the parts of meetings we grow to despise. 

Would this improvement have the potential to make you actually look forward to your meetings? 

Here, we’ve gathered 12 of our favourite Chrome extensions that can boost your meeting experience by improving efficiency, automating those mundane administrative tasks, and creating engaging activities for attendees. 

How Chrome extensions can help your meetings 

Integrating Chrome extensions in meetings is super helpful to improve the efficiency and productivity of your meetings. By automating some of the mundane background tasks, you enable yourself to spend more time on other value-driving activities. For meeting hosts, notetakers, or timekeepers, automating small tasks can add up to a lot of time saved over a few months. 

As well, there are an endless supply of Chrome extensions that can drive up meeting engagement. Leveraging these extensions in your meetings can support team bonding, improve decision making, make a memorable first impression, and help team members feel included. 

Level up your meetings

Level up your meeting habits to boost engagement and productivity with a collaborative meeting agenda. Try a tool like Fellow!

12 Chrome extensions for meetings


Fellow is a meeting productivity tool that can help you build your meeting agendas, record meeting notes, share meeting updates with participants, and collect meeting feedback through post-meeting surveys. Essentially, it’s your all-in-one tool for ensuring your meetings have purpose and follow a structure to maximize your productive meeting time. The best part? Fellow is free for anyone to use, and Pro pricing starts at only $6 USD per user per month for teams with more than 50 people. 

2Google Meet Party Button

Who said meetings have to be mundane? Why not make meetings more fun by celebrating major updates, milestones, or personal announcements with your team!

Using the Google Meet Party Button, you can launch celebratory animations in the meeting to make the most of major wins like closing a large client deal, to surprise a friend with a virtual birthday party, or to announce that your colleague earned a promotion. Better yet, you can use it to celebrate all the small wins—like completing your project on time, getting approval faster than expected, or getting one step closer to a major milestone. And this tool is completely free!

3Google Meet Push-To-Talk

Have you ever started talking and realized you’re on mute? Or worse yet, have you ever started talking to someone on your side of the screen without realizing that you weren’t on mute until someone in the meeting called you out? 

Created by Zoomcorder, the free Google Meet Push-To-Talk extension enables you to say goodbye to mute issues! It’s easy and quick to mute or unmute your microphone by pressing the space bar on your keyboard rather than fumbling with your mouse to click the mute button (which can be tiny on some video conferencing applications). 


Dualless is a free Chrome extension perfect for digital nomads, those working remotely from a coffee shop, or anyone who doesn’t have dual monitors. Through the tool, you can set up two screens within one by separating your current screen to accommodate for multiple pages that you need to see at the same time. You even have the freedom to choose the ratios that work best for you—maybe you want your screens split 30/70, or maybe you’re happy with 50/50. In meetings, this extension can help you read relevant documents and watch the meeting screen simultaneously. 

5Meet Attendance

Meet Attendance by Clay Codes makes it easier to track meeting engagement. Designed for busy teachers working in virtual classrooms, this Chrome extension helps capture attendance so teachers can spend more of their valuable time supporting students rather than working on boring (and tedious!) administrative tasks. On the free version, teachers can click to activate the tool once in the meeting, then download a spreadsheet with student attendance information afterwards. For $2.50 USD per month, you can access the premium version to have the tool auto-capture attendance for you.

6Google Meet Breakout Rooms

One of the best parts of in-person meetings is the ability to quickly separate a larger meeting into smaller segments, which is especially important for classroom learning activities, brainstorming exercises, and even team-bonding activities. Now, with Google Meet Breakout Rooms, meeting hosts can easily create separate groups in virtual meetings! Created by a teacher for teachers, this tool is completely free to use. 

7Reactions for Google Meet

One of the challenges of virtual meetings is being able to read (or express) body language. Especially if you’re in a larger meeting, it can be difficult for every person to speak up to express their thoughts on a given topic. Even as a meeting host or presenter, you may have a hard time seeing each person’s video and their reactions. With the Chrome extension Reactions, attendees can send emojis to show their feedback on a presentation or discussion topic. Visually representing feedback in emoji form makes it easy and quick for others in the call to see the general sentiment. This tool is also completely free!

8Google Meet Grid View

Another challenge of some virtual meetings is not being able to see all your wonderful attendees at once. Unlike in an in-person meeting room, you can’t see if all your participants are nodding along or dozing off. Google Meet Grid View eliminates this problem by allowing you to see everyone in your meeting as equal-sized rectangles in a grid format. This extension is super beneficial if you’re hosting a discussion forum, standup meeting, or networking event where everyone may want to interact with each other—and it’s free! 

9Google Call Timer for Meet

Struggling to stay on time with your meetings? Try using a free extension tool like Google Call Timer for Meet to track how long you’ve been on a call; this can be a super useful tool if you’re measuring meeting efficiency, if you need to practice short calls or pitch presentations, or if you want to time segments of your meeting agenda to ensure you end the meeting on time. As well, if your meeting goes beyond 45 minutes, the timer will go red to alert you to end the call soon (as short meetings often equal more productive meetings). 

10Google Meet Dice Roller

Another fun way to keep your meeting attendees engaged is to use a randomizer tool such as Google Meet Dice Roller. This tool presents a virtual die that can be “rolled” to produce a result (similar to rolling a die in person). Users can customize each side of the die to fit the current meeting context. In virtual meetings, this extension is helpful for choosing the order of presentations, selecting meeting roles, breaking ties, or making use of any other number of decision-making applications. As a free tool, this extension can be accessed right away so you can start increasing meeting engagement and efficiency.

11Beyond Meet for Google Meet

Beyond Meet is an AI-powered Chrome extension that enables users to automate a lot of the background meeting activities. For example, the tool can help meeting hosts run transcripts, split windows, track emotional sentiment of participants, take notes, record (or go live!), and so much more. This multi-use tool is great for busy teams that need support managing the administrative aspects of their meetings. Each license is sold for $4.99 USD per month or $54.99 USD per year. 

12Visual Effects for Google Meet

Add some excitement into the everyday by integrating the free Visual Effects for Google Meet tool into your Google meetings! This tool creates green screen effects so users can pixelate, blur, or inverse their appearance in meetings. Additionally, users can apply 3D filters or background effects to make meetings more interesting—these abilities are great for icebreakers within a new team or for users who want to mask their actual background.

Parting advice

There are endless options when it comes to making virtual meetings more fun, engaging, and productive. Bringing your team into the meetings in new ways ensures that attendees aren’t losing interest in virtual meetings. Integrating Chrome extensions can improve your meeting efficiency and bring interesting new elements to help you stand out against your competition when you’re presenting to prospective clients. Regardless of how you choose to apply your Chrome extensions for meetings, it’s worth experimenting to see how much you can really do to improve your meeting experiences!

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