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20+ Morning Meeting Questions to Ask Your Team

Can you use one of these 20 morning meeting questions to spark team engagement at the start of each day? Try now!

By Alexandria Hewko  •   September 21, 2023  •   8 min read

The morning is one of the peak productivity periods within a working day. There’s scientific proof that feeling physically and mentally refreshed in the morning can help with work performance. So, a great way to make use of your employees’ sharpened minds is to generate engagement with one of these morning meeting questions. Try them out and see how they improve your team’s ability to communicate, prioritize, and synergize with their colleagues! 

How to create the best morning meeting questions using AI

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Use AI to instantly build thoughtful meeting agendas

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25 morning meeting questions

1What are your goals for today? 

Right off the bat, you want to ensure that your employees are aligned on the right priorities. This can also provide opportunities to see if colleagues can work together on an assignment to save time or avoid duplication of efforts.

2What is something you are proud of in your work so far this week? 

Focusing on already-earned successes will help your team feel accomplished and motivated to continue doing great work. This is also an easy way to see where employees feel like they’ve worked extra hard, so you can support them in their growth development. 

3Who can help you with your assignments today?

Some team members might struggle to ask for help. This is a good way to reflect on their goals and see where they could bring in other coworkers. It’s also great for uncovering where blockers might lie if an employee is waiting on a dependency or is unsure how to tackle something on their to-do list.

4What is something to inspire you today?

It’s important to take time to step back and take note of what is motivating your employees. Knowing what inspires them gives you insight as their leader into how you can further feed into their motivator. 

5How do you build your creativity?

Creativity plays a critical role when it comes to generating innovative ideas. Help your team think of new ways to get creative like taking a walk, listening to a podcast, or playing a game. Encourage your group to think out of the box about new product ideas, processes, or projects that are relevant to your work.

6Where will you go when you run into a challenge?

Overcoming blockers is a difficult component of any project. Your team should have a good understanding at the start of each day of potential problems that might be facing them. They’ll also need to know who can help them solve those challenges! 

7What is a piece of news that caught your attention recently?

The focus for this question can either be on industry news or general world news—whichever works better for your team. The purpose of this question in the morning is to ensure people maintain a wider lens of what’s going on around them and not just what’s happening within their day-to-day tasks.

8Are there any blocks in your calendar that we should be aware of?

Teams of any size should be prioritizing communication of availability. If you need to step out in the afternoon for an appointment or if you’ve blocked off several hours for focus time, tell your team! This way they’ll know when to contact you if needed.

9What is one thing you want to learn today?

Continuous learning is necessary for growth. This morning meeting question is great for reminding your team to prioritize learning during their day. It can be as formal as a training course or as informal as hearing about how another department functions.

10Are there any resources you need to do your job well?

Certain tasks during the week might require specific tools, software, or other resources. For your employees to be able to do their jobs well, you’ll need to check in during the morning and make sure they’re properly equipped to get their tasks done.

11Do you understand the purpose of your projects?

Having a sense of purpose in your work helps build a sense of community and motivation. It’s also important to know why you’re doing each specific task. If employees have doubts about the meaning behind their assignments, talk about how the task ties into organizational objectives and consider re-prioritizing work if needed. 

12What are you doing to stay mentally sharp?

Morning meetings are great because they make use of well-rested brains, which are already sharper than most minds at the end of the day. Talk with your team about how to maintain this sense of clarity throughout the day. Going for walks, talking to friends, and drinking water all help! 

13What have you learned recently that could benefit the team?

Prioritizing knowledge sharing improves team morale, alignment, and engagement. It’s also an ideal way for future leaders within your team to demonstrate their communication and team management skills. Dig further by asking how they learned their new insight, too. 

14What are our team’s greatest strengths?

Focusing on the things that the team does exceptionally well helps build confidence. This goes a long way to benefit healthy risk-taking, constructive feedback cycles, and alignment toward common goals. It’s also a nice inspirational boost at the start of each day! 

15Is there anything affecting your work today that we should know about?

This question is designed to ask about blockers at work, but also any personal matters that might be affecting someone’s role. Some employees might not feel comfortable discussing personal issues in a group setting, but remind your team that they can reach out to you for a one-on-one conversation if needed. 

16What are you most looking forward to?

Building some excitement about their work can help your team feel eager to jump right in! You can ask about something on their calendar today or later in the week. Ask about learning opportunities, career development options, and upcoming conversations that might be exciting.

17What is a process or tool you use that is helpful?

As your team grows, individuals might find their own ways of getting their tasks done. Encourage them to bring their learnings about new ways of working into the team setting so that others can learn from them too! This might also help you with finding new software that can automate hard or boring work. 

18Who has gone out of their way to do a good job this week?

Group recognition for a job well done is amazing for team bonding. Try to have some time in every one of your morning meetings where employees can shout out their coworkers who have done an exceptional job. 

19What is the best channel to reach you through today?

Employees might be on the road, out of office, or have deep focus blocks in their calendars. Get alignment on which communication channels are most appropriate to reach team members so you can contact them if needed. 

20Who is someone who inspires you in daily life and why?  

The purpose of this question is to look beyond the team, but if someone on the team is truly inspiring, then it’s perfect to nominate them too! This question helps employees see what remarkable traits their role models have so they can emulate them as well. 

21What is one value you try to live by?

Similar to the question above, this question is great for mornings as it aids with prioritizing actions and behaviors during the day. It’s also a nice way for teammates to see what others are striving to achieve so they can help their colleagues reach those goals! 

22What challenge have you overcome lately and what got you through it?

Perseverance and determination are two critical traits for anyone with a growth mindset. Encourage your employees to reflect on problem-solving skills that will help them navigate the blockers that arise during the work day. 

23What are you doing to maintain a work-life balance today?

It’s super important to remind your employees about work-life balance. The risk of burnout is all too real and can negatively affect productivity, motivation, and team morale. It can also lead to increased employee turnover. Prevent burnout by encouraging employees to take lunch breaks, take time for appointments as needed, and end the day at an appropriate time.

24What is something that has made you laugh recently?

If your team is going through a busy or stressful period, try to sneak in a few moments to focus on positive things. Thinking about what has made them laugh recently, like a funny joke or a creative meme, can help your team unwind and feel more at ease first thing in the morning. 

25If you could make one recommendation right now, what would it be?

You can cater this question to something specific like recommendations on process improvement or how someone else should start a task. But you can also leave it open to see what people come up with! It allows your team an open opportunity to contribute something that’s on their mind.

Parting advice 

Leveraging your team’s early morning energy is a great way to keep them sharp and reflecting on what matters most in their day ahead. It’s also a good time to add in a bit of team bonding to make employees feel more at ease about reaching out to their colleagues for help. As a leader, it’s your responsibility to empower your team to do great things, and these morning meeting questions can help you do that! 

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