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360 Degree Feedback Tools: Top 8 [2024]

Leverage these top 360 degree feedback tools for your next review to navigate performance evaluation season with ease.

By Alexandria Hewko  •   December 7, 2023  •   7 min read

360 reviews are one of the most productive performance evaluation techniques because of how much insight they give you into an employee’s day-to-day life. However, conducting them can be hard, especially if you’re managing a larger team and need to draw information from two to three coworkers for each of your direct reports—that can add up to a lot of meetings or data to run through! Instead, consider one of these highly rated 360 degree feedback tools to automate some of the heavy lifting. 

What is 360 degree feedback?

360 degree feedback is an approach to collecting information about an employee’s performance through colleagues who have worked with the employee in the review period. It’s a great way for a manager to see beyond their own perspective, as employees may behave differently around other team members. Surveys, forms, or one-on-ones are great tools for 360 degree feedback collection. 

Efficiently gather comprehensive feedback

Fellow’s 360-degree feedback tool makes it easy to send out the right feedback questions to the right people for all of your direct reports.

How do you approach 360 feedback? 

  • Share the purpose of doing a 360 feedback process. If your team is new to this evaluation approach, make sure to communicate why you’re adopting this process. It’s a good idea to explain the benefits, such as ensuring you’ll get a wider and more accurate perspective on each employee. 
  • Identify the appropriate participants. For every employee on your team, you should look for two to three colleagues who can share feedback about them. Try to get a mix of experiences, such as people who work on different projects or in different departments.
  • Define what areas are being addressed. If you have participants from different aspects of the employee’s role, make sure they know what to contribute feedback on. For example, you might want to know how well an employee communicates with stakeholders or how well they handle tough conflicts. You can rely on areas of improvement from previous performance evaluations to help guide areas to address.
  • Leverage 360 feedback tools. Software can be a game changer when managing all the information you’ll receive. It can help you funnel it into one place, organize it by employee, and make distribution easier as well. Sometimes, participants will need a nudge to remember to fill out the feedback – so your 360 feedback tool should be able to do that automatically too!
  • Deliver the feedback. In a one-on-one meeting with each employee, deliver the results. You don’t need to explain who the participants were or who offered different bits of feedback, but adding examples does help with contextualizing the feedback. Be ready to answer any follow-up questions your employee might have. Delivering tough feedback? Try using one of these performance review phrases

Benefits of using 360 degree feedback tools 

360 feedback tools are super beneficial to both managers and employees. For employees, using 360 degree feedback tools helps drive self-awareness of how they interact with their coworkers and ensures there’s no bias from leadership. For managers, it allows you to see beyond performance metrics, such as how well an employee engages with the company culture. Then, the tools tie these benefits into one place for holistic feedback collection! 

Kristy Snyder, Forbes Advisor contributor, describes additional benefits, saying,

“A 360 employee review gives companies a way to collect feedback from all sides—hence the name. Of course, gathering reviews, comments and insights from many employees is too hard to manage on your own, which is where 360 feedback software comes into play.” 

8 of the top 360 degree feedback tools in 2024


Fellow is a meeting management software that allows managers to collect and track feedback. Fellow is also where teams gather to have productive team meetings and meaningful 1:1s, build collaborative meeting agendas, record decisions, and keep each other accountable. It’s your one-stop shop if you want to host meetings that will empower your teams to make great decisions and yield incredible results while also creating a feedback culture.

360 feedback features:

  • Easy distribution of customizable 360 feedback requests with automatic suggestions
  • Batch send out your feedback requests 
  • AI-generated meeting agendas that will prompt you to ask for feedback
  • Action items tracker to detail next steps and new goals following the review (and Fellow will automatically merge them all into a master to-do list!)
  • Centralized place to document performance, progress, and goals so you and your employee can check in on them anytime

G2 rating: 4.7/5

Price: Starts at $7 per user per month

Learn more about Fellow’s plans


Leapsome is designed as a people management platform that tracks performance, objectives, and employee progress. 

360 feedback features:

  • Ability to automate requests for 360 reviews to save time
  • Built-in competency framework that is unique to different teams and can support measuring performance
  • Ability to create custom learning paths to support employee development after the review

G2 rating: 4.8/5


  • A free trial is available
  • Paid pricing is not publicly available


BambooHR is seen as a leading people management platform. It provides a comprehensive site to store employee documentation, training, and vacation tracking in one place. 

360 feedback features:

  • Create reports to calculate company-wide impact based on an individual employee’s 360 performance evaluation
  • Launch performance assessment surveys
  • Log reports and documentation into the employee’s profile for access anytime

G2 rating: 4.5/5


  • Essentials plan starts at $5.25 USD per user per month
  • Advantage plan starts at $8.25 USD per user per month (includes training tracking)
  • An add-on for performance management features is available

Grove HR 

Grove HR is designed for small businesses and keeps its platform focused on individual-level employee performance rather than organizational performance. 

360 feedback features:

  • Ability to merge different types of reviews, such as self-evaluations and peer feedback, to create a comprehensive 360 review
  • Detailed performance review dashboard with analytics to track year-round
  • Option to do reviews in a per-project or traditional top-down approach

G2 rating: 4.5/5


  • Essentials plan for $3 USD per employee per year (it’s free if your team is under 50 people!)
  • Perform plan for $4 USD per employee per year (includes automated reviews)
  • Engage plan for $6 USD per employee per year (includes company-wide engagement tools)


Namely is a full-coverage HR solution that touches on a lot of areas, such as hiring, training, and compensation management. 

360 feedback features:

  • Launch continuous feedback loops and appreciation posts to make reviews an integrated part of your work processes
  • Automatically create task lists based on performance review outcomes
  • Track goals and progress in a centralized location between managers and employees

G2 rating: 3.9/5


  • Now plan for $9 per user per month
  • Higher paid plans come with additional features (pricing is not publicly available)


Though not initially designed for HR teams, SurveySparrow has a fantastic tool to facilitate the collection of 360 feedback notes. 

360 feedback features:

  • Automatically distribute feedback collection surveys on specified dates, including follow-up reminders for non-completions
  • Filter responses from participants to find actionable insights
  • Set up integrations for results to go to an HR or task management platform

G2 rating: 4.4/5 


  • Free plan is available for up to 50 responses per month
  • Basic plan is $19 per month (for up to 5,000 responses and more features to share surveys and set up integrations)
  • Essentials plan is $49 per month (for up to 15,000 responses and more features for notifications and customization)
  • Business plan is $99 per month (for up to 100,000 responses and more automation features)


Workday operates with a lot of enterprise-level companies to organize their HR efforts, so it might be a good fit if you have a big team! 

360 feedback features:

  • Offers plenty of automation features to save time on distributing feedback surveys or sorting through responses
  • Compares performance reviews with attendance and project time-tracking metrics
  • Provides a centralized place to store information about reviews, compensation, and vacation

G2 rating: 4/5


  • Not publicly available; contact Workday for a quote


Trakstar is hyper-focused on improving employee performance and engagement through automation!

360 feedback features:

  • Send 360 feedback surveys to employees and merge insights into a single report
  • Create learning pathways to ensure employees meet future growth goals set during the review
  • Set up common goals for the team and measure progress from a shared dashboard

G2 rating: 4.2/5


  • Not publicly available; contact Trakstar for a quote
  • All plans include implementation support, unlimited storage, and reporting features

What to look for in a 360 degree feedback tool

To help speed up your search for a 360 degree feedback tool, use this list of must-have features to narrow down your options:

  • Employee-centric features that make it easy for employees to access review notes, collect feedback, and update their progress
  • A focus on employee development rather than a focus only on employee evaluation
  • Scalability so that it will work with a larger number of team members down the line
  • Integration with your existing tech stack which ensures data can flow smoothly from the feedback tool to other people management platforms (like how Fellow connects to BambooHR and many other tools!)

Parting advice

Getting set up with the right 360 degree feedback tool is an important step in ensuring that you collect and manage your employee’s constructive feedback appropriately. As you continuously integrate feedback cycles into your work processes, you’ll see improved alignment and higher retention rates—which helps everyone meet their goals faster! 

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